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Scientific and Historical Articles

Individual articles and reports on aspects of infant nutrition:

Committee on Nutrition of the American Academy of Pediatrics (1958), On the feeding of solid foods to infants. Pediatrics 21:685-692.

Committee on Nutrition of the American Academy of Pediatrics (1962), Infantile scurvy and nutritional rickets in the United States. Pediatrics 29:646-647.

Committee on Nutrition of the American Academy of Pediatrics (1965), Prepared infant Formulas and commercial formula services.Pediatr. 36:282-291.

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Rotch, T.M. (1903), The essential principles of infant feeding and the modern methods of applying them.J.A.M.A. 41:349-354; 416-421.

Ruhrah, J. (1910), The soy bean as an article of diet for infants.J.A.M.A. 54:1664-1665.

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Shipley, P.G., Park, E.A., McCollum, E.V., Simonds, N. and Parsons, H.T. (1920/21), Studies on experimental rickets. II. The effect of cod liver oil administered to rats with experimental rickets. J. Biol. Chem. 45:343-350.

Articles on aspects of the history of infant nutrition:

Chick, H. (1976), Study of rickets in Vienna 1919-1922.Med. Hist. 20:41-51.

Cone, Jr., T.E. (1974), Dr. Henry Pickering Bowditch on the growth of children: an unappreciated classical study.Trans. Stud. Coll. Phys. Phila. (4th ser.) 42:67-76.

Gardiner, G.G. (1956), Nineteenth century leaders in infant feeding.J. Amer. Diet. Assoc. 33:435-443.

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Levinson, A. (1928), The three Meigs and their contributions to pediatrics. Annals Med. Hist. 10:138-148.

Morse, J.L. (1935), Recollections and reflections of forty-five years of artificial feeding. Jour. Pediatr. 7:303-324.

Rotch, T.M. (1907), An historical sketch of the development of percentage feeding. N.Y. Med. Jour. 85:532-537.

Waserman, M.J. (1972), Henry L. Coit and the certified milk movement in the development of modern pediatrics.Bull. Hist. Med. 46:359-390.

Wickes, I. G. (1953), A history of infant feeding. Arch. Dis. Child. 28:151-158; 232-240; 332-340; 416-422; 495-502.

Wood, A.L. (1955), The history of artificial feeding of infants. J.A.D.A. 31: 474-482.

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