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  • 7/2/2014
    6:15 pm - 7:15 pm
    Turbokick Group Fitness Class at VRWC

    instructor: Mark

    Turbokick -- A form of kickboxing set to fun and exciting music! Each "round," or series of kick-boxing combinations, has its own specific music, chosen for the workout. The class will work on mastering a new "round" about every two months, adding "layers," or new components to the combos, each class. Eventually, participants progress to learning the entire round from start to finish. Then, the class will move on to a new round with new music. The fun never stops, and you'll stay motivated with new layers each class. Get tough and stay strong with this amazing cardio workout! Get set to have a blast!

    Note: Hour-long Turbokick classes will consist solely of cardio and a cool-down / stretch. Hour and fifteen minute classes will incorporate lower body strength-work, as well as abs and push-ups.

    There will be no class if it falls on a holiday. Click here Click Here to check for schedule changes.

    Contact: Lori Cowan

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