If Your Organization is Interested in Learning More about PARS®

As a first step, please give us a call at 615-343-4500. Ask to speak with Dr. James W. Pichert, PhD, our Co-Director. Or you may email Dr. Pichert.

We'll need to learn about your organization, and the following questions will help start our conversation:

  1. How many physicians have privileges with your medical facility and/or group?
  2. How many beds does the hospital (or hospitals) have?
  3. Does your organization have persons who do "service recovery" (e.g. an "office of patient/professional relations")?
  4. How many unsolicited patient/family complaints are recorded each year by these advocates?
  5. What system is utilized for recording patient/family complaints (name of software and version)?
  6. Is the data available in electronic form?
  7. How many years of complaint data are available?
  8. Does the institution/group have more than one medical facility or campus?
    • If so, how many?
    • Are there any out-of-state facilities within the institution/group?
  9. Do any clinicians practice independently of the institution, or hold part-time practices not affiliated with the institution/group?

We look forward to learning more about your organization. Thank you for your interest in our work.