What is said about PARS...

Stanford Hospital & Clinics has been a strong partner with PARS since 2008, and supports the principle that patient satisfaction is an essential element of good medical care. The 2011 SUMIT Insurance Company's Report to Stakeholders explains how PARS works for the Stanford University Medical Center. Read the 1 page excerpt that explains how PARS supports the Stanford patient experience here: The Patient's Voice in Risk Management

Patient Safety Officer of a large multi-state healthcare system:
"I do believe that our findings have set the stage for additional studies in our organization, which will further stretch the impact of how listening to patients lies at the core of culture change. The CPPA has in this sense made the ancient art of story into a science. This was what fundamentally appealed to me in the beginning, and the reason I believe why it will be sustainable far into the future. Story as it turns out never goes away, because story 'is a basic principle of the mind'. ...which to me goes to the heart of why PARS works."