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Tissue Regeneration

Scope of this initiative within the CMB:

Tissue regeneration implies the production of new tissues from renewable resources. The biochemical basis of this response, which is characteristic of only a few adult human tissues, is virtually unknown. The classic examples of regeneration in vertebrates come from studies of amphibians, which can replace large portions of amputated limbs. This regenerative response involves the formation of a blastema through dedifferentiation of local cells in the amputation stump. These cells then become reorganized in a fashion that resembles embryogenesis. An analogous process occurs during the repair of long bones in the human skeleton. In many other forms of repair, the regenerative response appears to be masked or suppressed by the dominant effects of the inflammatory system. Indeed, fetal wounds switch from a regenerative to a repair phenotype during the development of the innate immune system and the elaboration of repair mediators such as TGF-β.

There is mounting evidence, however, that the adult maintains both local and distant reserves of undifferentiated, stem-like cells for tissue replacement. Cartilage, skin, bone, vascular structures and other connective tissues are important objectives and potential reserves of these progenitors, while others are certainly derived from the bone marrow. Key efforts have been focused on developing identification markers for these cell populations in order to utilize them for tissue engineering or to target them with specific stimuli. Some of these stimuli may well arise in the extracellular matrix of regenerating tissue. Studies in this direction will be supported by the CMB, by providing information as well as purified matrix reagents.

  Members (17)

Borza, Dorin-Bogdan
Caldwell, Robert L.
Chetyrkin, Sergei
Davidson, Jeffrey M.
Lin, Charles
Penn, John S.
Piston, David W.
Pozzi, Ambra
Quaranta, Vito
Rousseau, Bernard
Santoro, Samuel A.
Shastri, V. Prasad
Wikswo, John P.
Zutter, Mary M.

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