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Next Conte Meeting Tuesday, May 19, 2015 with Ronald Emeson presenting

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Enduring Impact of Early-Life Serotonin Signaling

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The NIMH/Vanderbilt Silvio O. Conte Center for Neuroscience Research, established through funding from the National Institute of Mental Health and the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, supports research and training to elucidate gene, protein and cellular networks through which serotonin (5-HT) modulates brain development, signaling, plasticity and mental illness.

The Conte Center currently supports the projects of four internationally recognized investigators at Vanderbilt, University of Southern California and Case Western Universities, as well as the pilot investigations of three junior investigators. Core laboratories offer state of the art technologies and research support to facilitate interactions among Conte investigators, program consultants and collaborators.

Established in 2008, the Vanderbilt/NIMH Silvio O. Conte Center for Neuroscience research first studied Genes Controlling Assembly and Function of Serotonin Systems.

Now in its second cycle, Enduring Effects of Early-Life Serotonin Signaling, the Conte Center Investigators will explore the theory that tight control of developmental determinants of serotonin signaling is required to achieve normal patterns of behavioral flexibility and to minimize the risk for life-long neuropsychiatric disorders.

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Annual Symposium

The 7th Annual Conte Center Symposium was held on Friday, November 7th in 1220 MRB III.

The 2015 Symposium will be Friday, October 9. Speaker lineup and further details will be announced soon.
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2015 SURE Students

Thank you to all the students who applied to our program this year. We are pleased to announce the following students will be joining us this summer:
  • Kiona Coleman, Tennessee State University, will be in Michelle Southard-Smith's lab
  • Elizabeth Crummy, University of South Carolina, will be in Bruce Carter's lab
  • Catherine Nettesheim, Vanderbilt University, will be in Ronald Emeson's lab
  • Ashlin Niedzwiecki, Eckerd College, will be in Randy Blakely's lab
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Conte Center Resources

Gene2Net is a web application that expands a gene of interest into a gene co-expression network based on a gene expression data set selected from an underlying database.

Click here to learn more about the new Gene2Net application created by the Conte Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Core and for links to the application.

Note to Conte Investigators: please cite the Conte Center Grant P50 MH096972 when writing reviews,
abstracts, papers and other Conte related work projects.

Please refer to
NOT-OD-12-160 regarding Changes to Public Access Policy Reporting Requirements by the NIH