The Medical Center Copy Center specializes primarily in quick-turnaround copying and the production of medical forms. (Visit our Forms Management site here). For other types of printing, the University Printing Service is available to Medical Center departments as well—visit their homepage here.


We offer copying on most common papers, along with finishing services such as collating, stapling, hole-punching, etc. We also offer color copying.  Most copying jobs are turned around on a next-day basis, and we are proud of our low prices. Below is our price and services list.

Notes on price list:

  • most prices shown are in cents per impression—e.g. 1 sheet, 2 sided = 2 impressions
  • NCR = No Carbon Required paper—each sheet of a multi-page set is an impression
  • # = weight of paper—20# is standard copy paper; other # weights are thicker
  • generally, colored paper, heavier weight, and larger sheet sizes are more expensive

8.5 x 11 Regular bond .042
  NCR, Color & 60-80 .046
  Cardstock & NCR Tag .11
8.5 x 11.5 Regular bond .045
  NCR, Color Paper .05
8.5 x 14 Regular Bond .05
  NCR, Color & 60-80# .07
  Cardstock .16
11 x 17 Reg. Bond .13
  NCR, Color & 60-80# .16
  Cardstock .21
Color  Copying
  8.5x11 .25
  8.5x14 or 11x17 .50
Collating /Stapling .009
Padding/Cutting/Hole Punch .0028
Folding .013
Perforating/ Scoring/Numbering .02
Booklet 8.5x11.0487 per page
  8.5x14 .0537 per page
  11x17 .1287 per page

An order for 100 sheets, regular white paper,
collated, stapled & punched

8.5 x 11 regular bond @.042 (4.2˘)
Plus collating & stapling @ .009 (.9˘)
Plus hole punch @ .0028 (.28˘)

Per impression price = .0538 (5.38˘)

100 impressions x .0538 (5.38˘)  = $5.38

Pads (4.25” x 5.5”)
    Reg white bond 1.35/pad
    Colored paper 1.45/pad
Cards (up to 1/2 sheet) .04/side
Labels (sheet) .61
Hand Collating $17 or 25% of job price,
   whichever is more
Invitations (without
 printed envelope)
27˘ each
  2"x 3.5" (bus. card)

86˘ each
  3"x 5" (index card) 98˘ each
  8.5"x 11" (full sheet) $1.35 each
  8.5"x 14" (legal size) $2.75 each
  8.5"x 17" (tabloid size) $3.50 each

These can be provided, but must be cut by hand.  The price will be as shown per sheet of the nearest applicable size, plus $1 for each item that must be cut out of the sheet by hand.
GBC (plastic spine) binding $2.25 - up to 2" thick
 $3.00 (Over 2" thick)
Paper $8.00 per ream


We offer typesetting mainly in support of our Forms Management program, but will process most other typesetting work as requested. Turnaround on this service varies with the size and complexity of the form, but most can be processed in less than three days.
Typesetting per page:Simple (minimum charge)$40.00
Great complexity$75.00
(One round of changes to proof included. Subsequent changes will be charged at $5 per page unless due to Copy Center error.)


You may download a PDF version of the pricelist here.

If you would like further information on our services, please contact the Copy Center at ext. 2-6170.