Learn about the CRC’s Bionutrition Research services

CRC Resources - Bionutrition

The mission of the Bionutrition Department is to provide investigators with the support they need to:

  • develop and implement clinical research protocols,
  • develop research diets that meet the nutritional goals of the protocol,
  • provide inpatient and outpatient research diets to participants, and
  • provide clinical services to CRC inpatients.

The Bionutrition Department assists investigators with nutritional aspects of research design, implementation, data collection, and analysis. A variety of nutrition services are available for investigators including:

  • Study design consults for protocols with a nutrition component
  • Research diet development using Nutrition Data System for Research or ProNutra software
  • Diet recalls, food records, and food frequencies
  • Research diet instruction
  • Arranging food pick up schedules with participants
  • Research diets prepared by the CRC Metabolic Kitchen
  • Inpatient food weigh back system using ProNutra/ProNessy software
  • Instruction for using the Nutrition Data System for Research software

The Bionutrition Director and the Research Dietitian are available to assist investigators with nutritional aspects of their protocol design. The Dietitian and Dietetic Technician develop and analyze research diets, provide study diet instruction to participants, and provide nutrition counseling. The CRC Metabolic Kitchen staff is specially trained in research diet preparation techniques and possess unique skills not found among traditional foodservice staff. Quality control procedures are utilized to ensure adherence to protocol requirements and for department improvement. The Bionutrition office (A2308 MCN) is staffed 8:00AM-5:00PM Monday through Friday. The Metabolic Kitchen operates 6:00AM-6:00PM, seven days per week.

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