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CRC Resources - Facility

The Clinical Research Center occupies portions of the third floor of Vanderbilt Medical Center North in the A-3100, A-3200, and S-3100 corridors. The Pediatric Clinical Research Center is on the ninth floor of the Doctors Office Tower,  Vanderbilt Children's Hospital complex. These facilities are available to all investigators at Vanderbilt University and Meharry Medical College as space where investigators can carry out research in human subjects. These resources may be accessed through application to the Scientific Review Committee of VICTR through the StarBRITE website www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/starbrite

 Research Volunteer Facilities

The CRC is fully equipped and staffed 24/7 to care for  hospitalized research subjects.  Special examination and procedure rooms are also available for outpatient studies and for those scientific protocols of significant intensity or where a great deal of equipment is needed.  A waiting room is available for research subjects.  Dining facilities are also available to all study participants.

 Professional Staff Facilities

The Lacy Conference Room, located in MCN A-3210, seats approximately 25 people and is available on a reservation basis.  A physician dictation area (MCN A-3206) is available for attending physicians.  A nursing station is located at MCN A-3204 and is equipped for pneumatic medicine drops.  A staff lounge and small house staff quarters facility is also provided for scientific investigators performing research on the CRC.

 Additional Scientific Facilities

A metabolic kitchen is available for preparation of protocol-specific diets.  A locked medicine room is available for storage of study drugs.  The CRC houses a specimen procedure room (MCN S-3107), centrifuges, and freezers for temporary sample storage.