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CRC Updates and Important Opportunities (11/23/2015)

Investigators and Study Personnel,

I appreciate all your support as the CRC Optimization Committee continues to work to make changes that optimize our services.  There are four new highlights we want you to be aware of:

 1.)    New Outpatient Boxed Courtesy Meals - Thanks for your patience as we work to make the CRC transition to fee for service as painless as possible. One of those initiatives is to decrease food cost by obtaining regular diets from the main VUH hospital where they are produced in a bulk setting and  therefore pass the savings on to our investigators.  Starting Tuesday, December 1st we will have outpatient standard boxed meals from the VUH hospital.  I have attached a menu to help you see the choices that will be on hand in the CRC.  We will ask that your  patient gives us their top two choices, and we will fill the order as they are available.

 2.)    New Dietary Scheduling for All Meals including Carryout meals with training sessions for your scheduling team -  In an effort to streamline business practices, we have developed enhancements to our scheduling tool with one stop scheduling for visits and meals. Our dietician, Cindy Dossett, will be scheduling all meals through this new tool.  It will provide a place to upload therequired menu to Cindy.  We have included scheduling for all carry out meals as well, which will allow study personnel to schedule all carryout meals and visits with participants. We will have training sessions for the new dietary scheduling tool on Tuesday, November 24th at 2:30 in CRC Conference Room and Monday, November 30th at 3:00pm in CRC Conference Room with a roll out of Tuesday, December 1st.

  3.)    Extended Imaging Hours - Update on the status of our imaging technician.  We have had few applicants and are now advertising outside of Vanderbilt on websites such as indeed, simply hired, and Ultrasound jobs.com.  We have expanded our imaging technicians to be available Monday-Thursday in hopes of providing the most coverage possible for your research participants.

 4.)    Extended Weekend availability between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2015 - With the upcoming holidays and increase in research visits, we are announcing that we will remain open the three weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas in an effort to meet the high demands.  Please see all our openings and closings listed on our CRC Calendar.

As always thank you for your support, and we look forward to serving you.


Lana Howard, BSN, RN, CCRP

VICTR-CRC Nurse Manager



Change of Hours - CRC Imaging Services

After October 2nd, 2015, CRC Imaging services will be available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7AM-4PM.  In the meantime, our CRC scheduler will notify you and work closely with you to help reschedule any appointments that are already confirmed, but do not fall on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  We appreciate your patience as we work together to meet your needs.  Please feel free to contact Cindy Trimmer for scheduling needs (615-322-6972) or Lana Howard for specific protocol needs (615-322-2390).