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Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I obtain transportation to and from the airport? Where does my transportation drop me off?

You may obtain transportation at the airport and have them drop you off at the main entrance to the hospital. From there proceed to the admitting office and their staff will bring you to the CRC. When you are ready to leave, we have available phone numbers for airport shuttle and taxi service.
It’s fine to be alone if you can safely travel alone. You do not need someone in the room with you once you arrive. Company is encouraged to leave when your studies for the day or evening start. If the patient is a child, a family member is required to stay.
One person may stay on a roll away bed in the room provided you are in a private room. Meals, however, are not provided.  Visitor meals may be purchased for $7.00 each. Please notify the nursing staff if your visitor requests a meal.
Yes, however, they must be accompanied by another responsible adult and, per hospital policy, must be screened for infectious diseases before going to the patient's room. The children may not be left unattended. Patients and staff are not available to care for children. They may not be present when actual studies are taking place.
We have a listing of nearby hotels available for your convenience. Area lodging, dining, places of worship, shopping
 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M., visitors should respect the state of health and energy level of the patient and limit their length of stay. Company is encouraged to leave during studies done in the patient room. Overnight stays must be listed with the front desk.
You will have limited control over room temperatures. Please bring clothing appropriate for both hot and cold temperatures.
Could I bring my laptop computer?
Yes. We have wireless internet in the patient rooms.  
 Can I borrow a laptop computer with internet access from the CRC during my stay?
We have a limited number of laptop computers with internet access for patient use.
We have a small washer/dryer available to you.  Please bring detergent and dryer sheets with you.
Bring clothing and shoes that you are comfortable in. For some testing, you might be wearing shorts. Bring shoes with a nonskid sole.
 What will my diet be like? Can I bring food with me?
Your diet will depend on the protocol/procedure being done. It is not recommended to bring food for the patient, as the diets are often restricted.