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Matt Weinger

Jason Slagle, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor (Department of Anesthesiology)

Email: jason.slagle@vanderbilt.edu
Phone: (615) 936-5519
Fax: (615) 936-7373

Dr. Slagle has a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. He has conducted and published studies on performance differences related to anesthesiology resident experience and expertise, fatigue, and teaching during routine and non-routine situations. He plans to apply human factors techniques (e.g., job and task analysis and workload assessment) and observational methodologies in order to conduct further research here in the OR, ICU, simulated environments, and in other clinical settings in order to study the effects of a wide variety of factors (e.g., equipment and technology, experience and expertise, novel situations, provider characteristics, workload, team effectiveness and communication, motivational factors, production pressure, fatigue, etc.) on the performance of anesthesia care providers, nurses, and other clinicians as well as unexpected clinical events, medical errors, and medication events.

Education & Training
B.S. – Texas Tech University, Lubbock
M.S. – California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego
Ph.D. – Alliant International University, San Diego

Recent Publications

  1. Slagle J.M., Weinger M.B.: Effects of intraoperative reading on vigilance and workload during anesthesia care in an academic medical center. Anesthesiology 110(2): 275-83, 2009.
  2. Cao, C.G.L., Weinger, M.B., Slagle, J., Zhou, C., Ou, J., Vora, S., Sheh, B., and Mazzei, W.: Differences in day and night shift clinical performance in Anesthesiology. Human Factors 50: 276-90, 2008.
  3. Slagle, JM, Kuntz A, France D, Speroff T, Madbouly A, Weinger MB: Training for Rapid Assessment and Improved Teamwork - Lessons learned from a project evaluating clinical handoffs. Proc Human Factors Ergonomics Society Congress 51: 668-672, 2007.
  4. Rayo M, Smith P, Weinger MB, Slagle J: Assessing medication safey technology in the Inensive Care Unit. Poc Human Factors Ergonomics Society Congress 51: 692-696, 2007.
  5. Oken A, Rasmussen MD, Slagle J, Jain S, Kuykendall T, Ordonez N, Weinger MB: A Facilitated Survey Instrument Captures Significantly More Anesthesia Events Than Does Traditional Voluntary Event Reporting. Anesthesiology 107: 909-22, 2007.
  6. Levin S, Hemphill R, Han J, Aronsky D, Slagle J, France D: Shifting Toward Balance: Measuring the distribution of workload among emergency physician teams. Annals of Emergency Medicine 50: 419-23, 2007.
  7. Schultz K, Slagle J, Brown R, Douglas S, Frederick B, Lakhani M, Scruggs J, Slater B, Weinger MB, Wood KE, Carayon P: Development of a job task analysis tool for assessing the work of physicians in the Intensive Care Unit. Proc Human Factors Ergonomics Society Congress 50: 1469-1473, 2006.
  8. Cao CGL, Ozdas A, Slagle J: Utilization of computerized order entry protocols in the ICU for glucose management. Proc International Ergonomics Association Congress, 2006.


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