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David Afshartous, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor (Department of Biostatistics)

Email: d.afshartous@vanderbilt.edu
Phone: (615) 875-3026

David Afshartous Ph.D. is a Research Associate Professor of Biostatistics who came to Vanderbilt in September 2010. He received his PhD in Mathematics (Statistics) from U.C.LA. in 1997, having previously trained at M.I.T. (mathematics and political science). His methodological research interests include longitudinal data analysis, mixed models, classification, and clinical trials. David previously worked as a biostatistician in the Division of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Miami. His background also includes five years as a systems engineer at Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs. David is currently dedicating approximately 25% of his effort to Anesthesiology.

Education & Training
B.S. – Mathematics, M.I.T.
M.S. – Political Science, M.I.T.
Ph.D. – Mathematics (Statistics), U.C.L.A.

Recent Publications

  1. Afshartous, D., Preston, R.A. (2010). Confidence Intervals for Dependent Data in Clinical Trials: equating overlap with significance. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, vol 54, 2296-2305.
  2. Preston, R.A., Afshartous, D., Garg, D., Medrano S., Alonso A, Rodriguez, R. (2009). Mechanisms of impaired potassium handling with dual renin-angiotensin-aldosterone blockade in chronic kidney disease. Hypertension, vol. 53, 754-760.
  3. Afshartous, D., and Preston, R.A. (2009). Recursive estimation method for predicting residual bladder urine volumes to improve accuracy of timed urine collections, Statistical Methods for Medical Research, vol. 18(2), 119-130.
  4. Afshartous, D., Guan, Y., Mehrotra, A. (2009). U.S. Coast Guard air station location with respect to distress calls: A spatial statistics and optimization based methodology, European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 196(3), 1086-1096.
  5. Preston, R.A., Afshartous, D., Alonso A.B., Epstein, M. (2008). Randomized Trial of the Effects of Selective versus Nonselective Cyclooxygenase Inhibition on Dynamic Renal Potassium Excretion, Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, vol. 84(2), 208-211.
  6. Afshartous, D. (2008). Sample size determination for binomial proportion confidence intervals an alternative perspective motivated by a legal case, The American Statistician, vol. 62, 27-31.
  7. Afshartous, D. and Wolf, Michael (2007). Avoiding Data Snooping in Mixed and Multilevel Models, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, vol. 170, 1035-1059.
  8. Afshartous, D. and Michailidis, George (2007). Distributed Multilevel Modeling, Journal of Computational and Statistical Graphics, vo1. 16 (4), 901-924.


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