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VEGF expression in pancreatic islets is important for insulin delivery into the vascular system.
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Pancreatic islets have greater vascularity and blood flow than surrounding pancreatic exocrine tissue; the responsible molecular mechanisms are incompletely defined. By immunocytochemistry, we found that VEGF was expressed in all four islet cell types at a much greater level than in surrounding acinar cells. To test the hypothesis that VEGF expression is important for islet vascularization and function, we inactivated VEGF-A in a þ cell-specific manner by breeding RIP-Cre and VEGF-A-loxP mice. While adult mice -/- for VEGF-A þ cells had normal pancreatic weight, insulin content, and islet architecture, -/- mice cleared glucose ollowing intraperitoneal glucose at a considerably slower rate than +/+ mice. Plasma insulin levels, normalized for blood glucose after glucose administration, were significantly lower in -/- mice (117 ± 12 ng/g; n = 12) compared to +/+ mice (229 ± 17 ng/g; n = 12). Vascular density within islets was significantly reduced in -/- mice (760 ± 38 vessels/mm2; n = 3) compared to wild type mice (1581 ± 95 vessels/mm 2; n = 3). Vascularization parameters such as area/vessel (83 ± 6 µ 2 in islets of -/- mice) and perimeter/vessel (46 ± 2 µ in islets of -/- mice) were also diminished in comparison to +/+ mice (120 ± 21 µ 2; 55 ± 4 µ), indicating a reduction in the number of capillaries per islet, vessel size, and/or branching. Isolated islets from -/- mice and +/+ mice had a similar insulin secretory pattern in a perifusion system indicating similar islet cell function. By electron microscopy, intra-islet endothelial cells in the pancreas from -/- mice had disordered endothelial cell ultrastructure and reduced fenestration. Reduced islet expression of VEGF resulted in reduced islet vascularization, disordered endothelial cell structure, and a pre-diabetic phenotype similar to some defects in þ cell gene expression. These data suggest that normal islet vascularization and insulin delivery into the vascular system requires islet expression of VEGF-A. These observations also have implications for the revascularization of transplanted islets.

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