Group Sessions

A second aspect of the summer research program are four small group sessions. These are meant to highlight aspects of diabetes research and demonstrate how both clinical and basic investigators are addressing problems in carbohydrate metabolism and diabetes. These sessions will provide the opportunity to observe specialized research approaches. There will be four sessions and each will last approximately one hour. Program participants are divided into 4 groups (to be distributed later) and each group will attend all four sessions during the course of the summer.

  1. The first small session will involve the Vanderbilt Clinical Research Center. This is an NIH-funded facility where clinical research is performed. During this small group session, you will visit with an investigator who will be performing an insulin clamp study on a research subject. Since this session will occur within the hospital and the research subject will either be a normal volunteer or a patient with diabetes, please dress appropriately.
  2. In the second small group session, participants will observe how transgenic animals and "knock-out mice" are created. During this session you will visit the transgenic animal facility and will observe how oocytes are injected.
  3. In the third small group session, participants will observe research involving carbohydrate homeostasis in large animals. During this session you will meet with an investigator who studies carbohydrate metabolism in the conscious dog model and will observe how this investigator uses this animal model to better understand glucose homeostasis in humans. If you do not wish to observe research on dogs, you are excused from this session.
  4. The fourth small group session will be a visit to see several patients who suffer from complications of diabetes such as diabetic nephropathy, diabetic foot lesions. Since this experience will occur in the hospital, please dress appropriately.

The Medical Student Summer Research Training Program is supported by the Vanderbilt Short Term
Research Training Program for Medical Students (NIH grant DK007383) and the Vanderbilt Diabetes
Research and Training Center (NIH grant DK20593).

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