About the Library - Copying

  • The machine located on the first floor next to the plasma screen allows free color scanning with files delivered to your email, but does not produce physical copies.
  • The three multifunction printers also located on the first floor have both physical and digital copying capabilities.
  • The copier at the back of the second floor allows both print and digital copies as well.

Use of the scan-to-email function on all machines is free. However, you must have a minimum of $0.10 on your card to use this feature on the multifunction printers. To make printed copies using the 2nd floor machine, Vanderbilt-affiliated users (employees, students, family members, etc) must use a valid Vanderbilt ID badge (aka Commodore Card) to pay for the copies ($0.05/page). At least $2.50 must be on the Commodore Card in order for the copying function to be activated. For the multifunction printers, patrons may use their Vanderbilt ID or a Guest Printing Card purchased at either of the circulation desks. Black and white copies are $0.05/page, with color copies costing $0.25/page.

Patrons with a VUnet ID and password may add funds online by visiting the Commodore Card website. Patrons with a valid Vanderbilt ID badge who do not have a VunetID and password will need to personally visit the Commodore Card Office at Sarratt Student Center to add funds on their card account.

It is the responsibility of the person using the copy machine to comply with copyright law.

For Departments:
Departments wishing to pay for departmental copying or to charge copying to a grant can obtain departmental copy card(s) from the Commodore Card Office at a cost of $10/card. These departmental cards work like a credit card. They begin each month at $0.00 and can have a set monthly limit. Each time a copy is made, a charge of $0.05/page ($0.25 for color) is added to the card. At the end of the month, the total on the card will be automatically charged to the account center designated by the department and the amount on the card is reset to $0.00.

Please contact the Commodore Card office (322-2273) regarding the departmental copy card.

Departments also have the option of using a departmental procurement/credit card to add money to an individual's Commodore Cash account if the individual gives them Guest Account Access. Please contact the Commodore Card Office about this option.