About the Library - Laptop Computers

The Eskind Biomedical Library provides laptop computers that can be checked out for in-house use as well as a wireless network and ethernet connections for personal laptops.

Laptops Available for Check-Out:
Medical Center staff, faculty, students and other Vanderbilt graduate students may check out laptop computers for use within the library building. EBL-provided laptops have the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel), wireless Internet connection, web browsers and several video player plug-ins. We also have five MacBook Pros available for checkout.

Policy for Circulation of Library Laptop Computers:

  • The Eskind Library's primary clientele are entitled to check out laptops for in-house use. Also, as of October 1, 2009, all graduate students at Vanderbilt will have full access to laptops.
  • A VUMC ID and an up-to-date Acorn record are required to check out laptops.
  • Loan periods are two hours. We appreciate prompt renewals.
  • Laptops may not be reserved in advance.
  • Laptops provide Internet access through a wireless network connection and can be used anywhere inside the library.
  • Laptops are configured to print using the printing payment system (learn more about printing and payment methods). Users may save files to a USB flash drive (you may cancel any PointSec requests for drive encryption), burn to CD, or send files as email attachments.
  • The following applications are available on the laptops: Internet Explorer and Firefox (with Plugins: RealPlayer, Adobe Reader, QuickTime, Flash, Silverlight), plus the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Personal software may not be loaded into the laptop.
  • Files saved on these machines are deleted nightly and every time the computer is restarted.

Personal Laptops:
Printing from personal laptops requires downloading a print driver for use with the printing payment system (learn more about printing and payment methods).

Wireless access is provided throughout the library, and is supported by Network Computing Services. For information on configuring your personal laptop to access the public or secure (VUnet ID and password required) wireless networks, visit the NCS Wireless Network Services site.

For patrons with their own laptops who either wish to not use our secured wireless capabilities or are unable to do so, EBL provides live ethernet jacks on the second and third floors for internet access. These locations are denoted by the green dots on the maps below:

2nd Floor:

3rd Floor: