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About the Library - Printing

To avoid printing
Save journal articles, slideshows, and other files to a USB flash drive to take with you. USB flash drives are available to borrow for 24 hours from the circulation desk.

To send a file to yourself or store it online, first save it to a USB flash drive, then attach or upload from that drive.

Printing from EBL desktop computer
1) After choosing to print your document, you will be asked to select a printer.
The three black and white EBL printers are named Eskind Sharp 1 B&W, Eskind Sharp 2 B&W, and Eskind Sharp 3 B&W, located on the first floor. You can send your black and white print job to any of these printers.

By default, your print job is set to print double-sided in black and white, at a cost of $0.05/side. A single sheet printed on both sides costs $0.10. To print single-sided, you'll need to manually change the print setting. (Select printer->preferences->Document Styles: select the radio button for 1-sided)

If you want to print in color, make sure to choose Eskind Sharp 3 Color as your printer. The cost of color printing is $0.25/side.

2) Enter your payment information
payment can be made by Commodore Cash on your ID badge or by purchasing a guest printing card. See for detailed information on payment methods.

Enter your VUnet ID and password or the username ("zzz...") on your purchased card (leave the password field empty) for payment.

You will see the total cost of your print job and the current balance of your account. You will get an error message if you do not have sufficient funds for the job - if this happens, you can either add money to your card via the Commodore Card website or cancel the print job.

Confirm that you wish to print.

3) Release your print job
Go to the printer you selected and either a) swipe your Commodore Card/ID badge or type in your VUnet ID, or b) type in your purchased card username, according to the method you used at the computer.

Printing from your own laptop
If you’re using your own laptop, you’ll need to download and install a print driver before you will be able to print. Go to, choose Windows or Mac, then download and install the driver package. After this is done, follow the instructions above for choosing your payment type, choosing a printer, and releasing a print job.

To learn more, see the VUprint FAQs -

Small trays for paper recycling and large boxes for secure disposal of printed materials containing private or protected health information are available throughout the first floor of the library.