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About the Library - Study Spaces

The library provides ample space for group and individual study. These include group study rooms, individual study carrels, and tables and counters for group or individual use.

Study Carrels

study carrelsThe library provides numerous study carrels throughout the library, available on a first come, first serve basis. The carrels on the second floor are reserved for VUMC personnel; users should be prepared to show a valid VUMC ID badge. Other carrels, tables, and counters throughout the library are available to all visitors.

First Floor Area - Food Allowed!

First Floor Eating Area The "Eating Area" on the first floor of the library provides tables and chairs in a window-filled area where visitors are welcome to have food and beverages. We ask that you restrict food consumption in the library to this area.

Second Floor Area - Food Allowed!

Second Floor Eating Area The "Lounge" on the second floor provides tables, chairs, and a Power Tower charging station. Patrons can take a book from the book swap shelves or leave a book for others to enjoy. Daily newspapers (including the New York Times) are now located in this area. We ask that you restrict food consumption in the library to this area.

Group Study Rooms & Policies

study roomNine study rooms are available for use by patrons with a valid Vanderbilt or Meharry ID; VUMC patrons may reserve one of the rooms (room 305) in advance either in person or by calling 936-1410. The use of group study rooms at the Eskind Biomedical Library is governed by the following policies:

  • Study rooms are available for VUMC personnel and Vanderbilt graduate students individually or in groups. Study rooms, if not being used by groups, are now available to individuals with the understanding that it may be relinquished to a group since collaborative studies generate the need for space that won't disturb others. Although the “loan period” is 2 hours, if we run out of rooms and a room is needed for a group, individual users will have to relinquish the room after an hour
  • Only ONE room is available at any time to Meharry patrons and ONLY in groups of two or more.
  • Only ONE room is available at any time to Vanderbilt undergraduate patrons and ONLY in groups of two or more.
  • Study rooms can be signed out for a TWO hour period and may be renewed for an additional two hours if there are two or more empty study rooms still available. If there is only one room available when either an individual or a group tries to renew a room, the room will only be renewed for an hour at a time instead of the the 2-hour period allowed if two or more rooms are available.
  • In the event that all the rooms are occupied, individuals occupying a room will be given notice that they may need to yield the room to a group. Order of privilege is as follows in the event of a wait: VUMC-Meharry-VU (regardless of the time the request was taken).
  • One of the rooms (305) may be reserved ahead of time (by Medical Center personnel only). No reservations for this room will be taken after 5:00pm. The room will be available on a first-come, first-served basis in the evening with groups given preference over individuals.
  • Food is not allowed in the study rooms.
  • Study room keys must be returned and the room cleared if user leaves the library.
  • Library staff reserve the right to make exceptions to rules under special circumstances and at their discretion.