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Wadd. William. Comments on Corpulency, Lineaments of Leanness, Mems on Diet and Dietetics. London: John Ebers & Co., 1829.

William Wadd (1776-1829), Surgeon Extraordinary to the Prince Regent, writes as practical advisor in Comments on Corpulency... It is an unscientific study of corpulence and leanness expanded from his anonymously published Cursory Remarks on Corpulence of 1810. Wadd refers to the opinions on obesity and diet of Lorry, Carlisle and Hunter and illustrates the first two sections of this book with case histories, many of which are anecdotal. The illustrations, which were drawn by Wadd himself, are very much in the style of George Cruikshank. He quotes letters of sufferers --- fat or lean--- and achieves a style very much like medical columnists in today's newspapers.