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Services - Research and Author Support

Training Opportunities

The Eskind Biomedical Library offers in-person training on a number of specialized citation and research resources, including PubMed, CINAHL, sources of impact factor information, genetics/biochemical databases and tools (such as OMIM, PharmGKB, Genome Browsers, and others), citation management tools, and more.

Our information specialists can show you time-saving tricks and strategies for conducting an efficient and throrough literature search. You can view a complete list of on-demand in-person educational sessions, as well as a collection of online tutorials and resource guides for self-guided learning.

Request a training session via our online request form. Training sessions are available for free to Vanderbilt personnel; training is available on campus and off-site to non-Vanderbilt groups for a fee. Other ways to reach us are listed on the Contact page.

Get Help With Your Search

Requests for assistance with a search strategy can be made via our online request form or by contacting us directly by phone. Assistance with searches/database selection in biosciences such as genetics/biochemistry is also available. Searches can also be performed by an information specialist for both Vanderbilt and non-Vanderbilt personnel for a fee.

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Additional Resources

You may also wish to view our resources on ordering articles not held by Vanderbilt through Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan, and how to obtain copies of older journals located in our storage facility.