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EBL Responses to Comments in the 2009 Library Satisfaction Survey

In 2009, the Vanderbilt libraries conducted the LibQual library satisfaction survey. We would like to thank everyone who responded, and appreciate your positive comments and requests for improvement. We have detailed the ongoing efforts the Eskind Biomedical Library has in place for continual refinement and improvement, as well as the positive responses received by the EBL.

Thanks again for your input. You can always submit comments and suggestions to the library by contacting

The following sections detail the ongoing efforts EBL has in place for continual refinement and improvement. Thanks again for your input.

Library Collection Printing & Copying Digital Library
Space & Facility Issues Staff Issues Additional Resources & Services
Document Delivery Services


General Library Collection Comments

  • It would be helpful to me if there was a system or option that I was aware of for acquiring resources and journal articles of which the library doesn't have a hard copy and also has no electronic subscription. Often there are single time fees or shortened subscriptions that it would be helpful in getting at least some assistance from the library in purchasing or acquiring. I admit that this is a very rare situation, but does sometimes happen.(Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 23-30)
  • The only time I requested the library to add a subscription for a new journal I was ignored multiple times so I purchased it for myself and the library added it 6 months later. Better communication would be nice on this matter. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 31-45)
  • My only problem is that some journals that I need are not electronically available. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 31-45)
  • Cutting back on electronic journal subscriptions is unacceptable! There are many second-tier journals that we do not have access to here. This hinders my research and degree and makes Vanderbilt look cheap. Goal = global access to all electronic journals. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 31-45)
  • There are occasions where the journal I need is unavailable. These times are rare, but frustrating when they do occur. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 23-30)
  • Vanderbilt needs to expand their libraries and get more books. Often times, books needed for courses (aka popular general books used for intro classes) are also hard to find in the library. (Undergraduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 18-22)
  • I mainly need the library to access journals relevant to my field. I think the list of journals you have available is good, but could be larger. I've had to pay to get articles from other libraries because it wasn't available here. At the same time, I appreciate that you do have this service that I can ask for materials from other libraries. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 23-30)
  • Also, the last time I did an on-line interlibrary loan request I received no response or requested materials. Is there a problem with this system? Finally, there are a number of journals important to my field that are not available through Vanderbilt either in hard copy or electronic form. I am unaware of whether there is a way of requesting subscriptions to these journals. (Faculty, Biomedical /Health Sciences, Male, 46-65)

The Eskind Biomedical Library is committed to serving the information needs of the entire VUMC community and while no library can offer access to every information resource published, the EBL’s Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan Service enables current VUMC faculty, students and staff to acquire materials not held at the EBL usually free of charge.

Selection and retention of books, journals and databases for inclusion in the library is based upon suggestions from VUMC personnel, benchmarking with other institutions, and the EBL collection development team's judgments on the relevance, coverage, distribution of funds among different areas and usefulness of specific resources. Decisions are also informed through ongoing analysis of “cost-per-use” for all subscription-based electronic resources.

The library has also created a mechanism for providing quick access to journal titles to which we do not subscribe by allocating funds to Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan.

We invite input from the VUMC community. Suggestions for purchases may be submitted through EBL’s Online Suggestion Form. Each request merits immediate consideration when backed by a definite number of potential users, i.e. department, center, program, service. The EBL Collection Development Team strives to respond as quickly as possible to all requests.

Both services (Document Delivery and Purchase Suggestions) are available through the EBL’s Service Requests webpage accessible at the top of the Digital Library.

Journals - General

  • add more new journals (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 46-65)
  • Need for: More online resources. More open hours. More welcoming spaces for people to work (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 31-45)
  • The library's electronic sources are very, very poor compared to other institutions I have been at. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 18-22)
  • Need more online oncology / lymphology journals (Staff, Nursing, Female, 31-45)
  • Some Journals are still unavailable. Hopefully we can get more Journals from websites (Faculty, Molecular Biology, Female, 46-65)

The EBL’s journal collection is constantly evolving as titles become available electronically and as the library strives to adapt its online collection to the needs of the medical center research, clinical and education missions.  Our Cost Per Use (CPU) was developed by library leadership to judge how to best distribute the money allocated by VUMC for the collection. Provision was created for individual needs via Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan. Usage of this mechanism is very dynamic and placed under the Collection Development team.

Over the past year, a number of journals have been added to the collection, including extending the library’s holdings of backfiles (earlier volumes) of critical journal titles.  Selection of books, journals and databases for inclusion in the library is based upon suggestions from VUMC personnel, benchmarking with other institutions, and the EBL collection development team's judgments on the relevance, coverage, distribution of funds among different areas, and usefulness of specific resources. Suggestions for purchases may be submitted through the Online Journal Suggestion Form.

  • We need American Journal of Audiology; Journal of the Academy of Audiology; Journal of Early intervention; The search feature for the biomedical library website needs to be more flexible. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 31-45)
  • For the "Number 1 Audiology Program in the US" pretty poor availability of online journal access to some important audiological journals such as "Trends in Amplification" and "International Journal of Audiology“ (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 23-30)

These requests have been addressed as follows:

  • American Journal of Audiology (added to the Digital Library)
  • Journal of the Academy of Audiology (Had some issues online; now updating)
  • Journal of Early Intervention (Peabody title; they have ordered online access)
  • Trends in Amplification and International Journal of Audiology are being updated to include more recent issues.
  • My only complaint is the absence of subscriptions to important journals in my areas, including Neurology, Anesthesia & Analgesia, and Psychosomatic Medicine. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 46-65)

Neurology, Anesthesia & Analgesia, and Psychosomatic Medicine are all available through the Ovid platform (accessible through the Digital Library). We are investigating the possibility of linking directly to the publisher’s site for the viewing of articles. We are assuming that the comment may be more about the platform on which the articles are viewed as opposed to the lack of access. Changing access platform may not always be possible but we will attempt to address the issue of how articles are accessed or viewed.


  • I have found the electronic journal collections to be sufficient and the willingness of staff to help me find articles to be excellent. I have found the e-book collection insufficient in breadth and depth. Additionally, e-books are available, but are difficult to access and, when accessible, are only available as single page pdf files, which are frustrating to say the least. Have you tried to read an e-book available from Vandy's library system? Try reading 'Learner Centered Teaching by Weimer' through Vandy's Netlibrary service. It's atrocious and laughable. The excitement one feels in finding access to a book is quickly squashed as that same one discovers (in the discovery library, no less) how difficult it is to access the title's contents. Please give us access to these books in a more meaningful, accessible manner. I'm sure it's difficult, but please. Seriously. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 31-45)

Electronic resources are a moving target both in their scope of content and technology that publishers apply.  As the EBL collection development team evaluates resources for purchase one criterion that is weighed is ease of access and usability of the platform on which the resource is hosted.  However, most resource vendors’ interfaces are locked and don’t allow us to make local modifications.

Anatomy Resources

  • Would like to have more catalogs with drawings or pictures of anatomy or molecular or physiological processes. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 46-65)

The Eskind Biomedical Digital Library offers access to several of the top anatomy resources such as A.D.A.M, Images MD, and Primal Pictures. The library will investigate if institutional licenses for other anatomy/physiology resources have been purchased by Vanderbilt schools and which may be made accessible through the Digital Library.

Alumni Access to Resources

  • I would love for the library to offer online access after graduation. I would be willing to pay a reasonable annual fee for the access. It would be very helpful, especially in the beginning of our careers, to have access to journals and other reference material. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 31-45)

The Alumni Digital Library was developed for Vanderbilt's Medical Alumni to provide information to librarian-vetted medical resources online. While vendor/publisher license restrictions require that an institution’s current subscriptions be limited to that institution’s current faculty, staff and students, EBL is cognizant of the ongoing need for electronic resources for graduates. This portal provides graduates with links and information related to establishing journal access outside of institutional affiliation.

Current Vanderbilt medical students may access this digital library using a VUnet ID and password. Alumni may contact Dr. Ann Price of the Medical Alumni Affairs office to request the login & password at or 615-343-6337.


  • I also use Central Library occasionally for printing because they have the best printers and Eskind doesn't have double sided printing. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 18-22)

All but two of our printers have been recently replaced, and the others are scheduled to be replaced shortly. Double sided copies are available with instructions located next to the printers.

  • Lack of easily-accessible (and easy to pay for) copy machines is a major impediment to using the Vanderbilt libraries. I don't want to have to apply for a special copy card and account just to be able to use a copy machine. I am perfectly happy to just take some change and pay for it that way. (Faculty, Biomedical, Male, 46-65)

To address the different mechanics of copying problems, all Vanderbilt personnel may go online and put money on their Vanderbilt ID badge (Commodore Card) to use for making copies in the Eskind library. Alternately, they could use the scanning feature of the copier located on the first floor of the library to send a PDF copy to their email address.


User Friendliness

  • Navigation of the e-system needs to be more user friendly. (Graduate, Nursing, 31-45, Female)
  • The Eskind Biomedical Library website is not easily navigated. It is unclear how to get different resources and needs to be more user-friendly. (Graduate, Biomedical, 18-22, Female)
  • Lists are all in the same format with no clear title on the webpage itself to tell me whether I am looking at a list of journals, or a list of electronic resources. (Graduate, Biomedical, 23-30, Male)

We are in the process of redesigning the Digital Library, and foremost in our goals is to enable a more user-friendly experience with easier access to resources and electronic assistance. We are likely to ask our user communities for feedback and to participate in usability studies. Please feel free to send your contact information to if you would like to be included in this process, or if you have specific suggestions at this time. We expect the redesign process to take several months – we are currently working on the Digital Library administration tool and infrastructure and then will begin work on the user interface. We will notify users when we are ready to begin usability testing, and will be happy to hear from those who would like to participate at that time.

Checking Multiple Places for Library Holdings

  • Current online systems require several library resources to determine if its present on campus or available electronically…Streamlining this to be accessible via one searching resource would save a lot of time in determining what resources the library has available. (Graduate, Biomedical, 23-30, Female)
  • The one problem that I have encountered several times is being unable to find a journal reference that is actually available…I have to search the Eskind site, then search Acorn, then search the Jean & Alexander Heard site, and I still don’t find some items that Vanderbilt has access to. A “central” search/access site would be immensely helpful. (Faculty, Biomedical, 46-65, Female)

EBL’s Digital Library includes many types of online resources specifically selected to support the Vanderbilt University Medical Center community’s biomedical and nursing research, education and clinical needs.  Acorn serves as a catalog of print and electronic resources for the entire Vanderbilt community and therefore includes but is not limited to biomedical and nursing resources.

Please be aware that there is sometimes a time lag between when a resource is added to the Digital Library and when it is added to Acorn; our team is currently working to reduce these delays. We encourage users to start their search for medically-oriented online resources in the Digital Library and then proceed to checking Acorn if the desired resource is not found or more resources are needed. This is especially important for interdisciplinary topics such as psychology or basic sciences where multiple VU libraries support the discipline.  We strive to make the Digital Library as inclusive as possible and represent all the medically oriented resources for which there are Vanderbilt subscriptions. 

As we redesign the Digital Library, we hope to streamline the process for identifying and accessing online resources. We also plan to make more explicit/visible how a library user can get assistance from library staff in finding and accessing the needed resources.

We are also investigating federated search tools for inclusion in the revised digital library interface which will allow users to search across multiple databases simultaneously and may in some cases cut down on the need to visit multiple sites to conduct a search.

Remote Access & Ease of Sign-On

  • It would be nice to sign in once for electronic journals from home and not have to sign in again. (Graduate, Biomedical, 23-30, Female)
  • It's a laborious process to access biomedical articles from Eskind from my home computer. I would like that system to be more user friendly. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 23-30)

Users are logged out after one hour of inactivity for their own privacy protection. We have worked with Library Information Technology Services to have a notice added to the remote log-in page indicating that “Inactive sessions will time out after 60 minutes and will require you to login again.” Please be aware that after logging in with your VUnetID and e-password, when you quit/close the web browser (i.e., Explorer, Firefox) you will be disconnected from the Vanderbilt network and be required to re-enter your VUnet ID and password to gain access to library subscription-based resources.  To avoid this, leave the browser window open while remote access is needed.

Additionally, some resources require a second, institution-specific log-in for access – this information is available underneath the title entry in the digital library and is visible after you have logged in (authenticated) with your VUnet ID and passwords.

Please note that some other unconnected resources such as OAK also require a VuNet ID and password log-in, but users must log in separately to the digital library in order to gain remote access.

  • I really wish StarPanel was available for students at home! That is the main reason I go to biomed...if we can access it at the library, why not be able to access it from home?! The same person is accessing it if security and HIPAA is a concern. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 18-22)

VUMC Hospital patient record system's availability from home is a matter of policy and needs to be obtained through correct channels. The secure ID is given and paid for by each department. Contact the VUMC HELP desk (3-4357) for the procedure necessary to access this resource.

  • I would like to be able to access all services from home. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 23-30)
  • I have been unable to get online from home during "peak times". (Faculty, Nursing, Female, 46-65)

We sympathize with users since we would like to provide access to all resources. Very few of the Eskind Biomedical Library’s resources have off campus usage restrictions. Vendor licenses sometimes prohibit remote access and the EBL Collection Development Team strives to avoid this in our online resource vendor/publisher agreements. Additionally, remote access licensing can in some cases substantially raise the cost of the resource. In fact the quote we are receiving for remote access to UptoDate, a very popular synthesized evidence resource, exceeds our ability to purchase it as a quarter of the journal collection would have to be cancelled to free up money for off campus access. Dynamed, another source of synthesized evidence, was selected for purchase in part because its original license packaging included remote access.


Closing Announcements

  • Please STOP making the announcements "Limited service hours will begin in one hour" (etc) - they are annoying and pointless! Maybe announce one 15 minutes before they begin, but not 3-4 times every night! (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 18-22)

The announcements are now made once before the library goes to "limited service hours" and once at the time "limited service hours" begin.

Study Rooms/Space

  • Eskind seems set up to primarily serve doctors and medical students, to the exclusion of graduate students in the biomedical sciences. This is primarily conveyed by the "rules" of the library and attitude of the staff. It's our library too! We should be able to use the study carrels and reserve group meeting rooms just like medical students. Graduate school is our JOB; we're paid by the government to be here! So Vanderbilt's biomedical library should be as open and welcoming to us as well. (Graduate, Biomedical, Female, 23-30)

Thank you for your comments – they have caused us to revisit our policy. It is the nature of our work to have collaborative projects that involve University Campus and Medical Center personnel. Therefore, as of October 1, 2009, all graduate students at Vanderbilt will have full access to study rooms and laptops.

  • The place where I see the library lacking is in individual study space. I would use the library more often if it were equipped with individual space for studying. I am distracted by people in the main study space, and the study rooms require more than one person. (Graduate, Biomedical, Female, 23-30)

Study rooms, if not being used by groups, are available to individuals before 1:00 and later with the understanding that it may be relinquished to a group since collaborative studies generate the need for space that won’t disturb others.

  • I would like more eating areas to study in since by the giant window is freezing and uncomfortable to study. It would be a major draw if the library had a coffee shop with study tables. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 23-30)

Since the opening of the library a large space has been added for eating and studying. Your request will be considered when future remodeling is planned.


  • Please make Eskind Library quieter. The staff is loud, the undergrads are loud, and few people respect the idea that a library should be silent. (Graduate, Biomedical, Male, 23-30)

Be aware of your right to ask people sitting close to you to be quieter and to approach the desk if staff are not complying with the silence rule. We are investigating other “noise” factors to try to make the library quieter.


  • The Eskind Biomedical Library does not provide paper, plastic, and metal recycling to its patrons on floors 1-3 (at least that I've noticed). (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 23-30)
  • The Eskind library needs to become more environmentally conscious. I notice a lot of waste and little recycling. Even some of the employees can be seen moving paper from the recycling area to the trash. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 31-45).

Recycling containers have been placed near the entrance/exit turnstile for convenient disposal of paper, plastic and aluminum.

Staff removes paper from the recycling area to the large recycling container, which looks like a very large and unattractive trash can located behind the counter.

Building Condition

  • The physical space at Eskind is also in need of rehab (new furniture, carpet, wall paint). It's a great building, but it seems to be "fraying" at the edges. (Graduate, Biomedical, Male, 23-30)
  • The study carrels are beginning to look worn and dingy. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 23-30)
  • The group rooms I have studied in have always been too small and poorly lit-not conducive to learning. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 23-30)
  • Eskind is consistently too cold on the third floor. It is the prettiest floor, but the least comfortable. (Graduate, Biomedical, Female, 23-30)
  • If you can fix one thing, fix the turnstiles at the entrance of Eskind. Noise from these turnstiles resonates throughout the building and is very distracting to people who are studying. I know there are quiet options for controlling access--we had them at high school and college. (Graduate, Biomedical, Male, 23-30)

The condition of the building is of upmost importance to us and we are constantly painting and cleaning. Recently new floors were installed in front of the elevators and the study carrels on the second and third floors were renovated.

We will investigate additional improvements to the building and study rooms. However, with the current financial climate we may not be able to make changes in this fiscal year.


  • The black woman working in late hours (with uniform) in Eskind library is terribly bad tempered. She didn't help at all and also behaved offensive. (Graduate, Mol Bio, Female, 23-30)

The company who supplies our guards goes through a thorough process of training to insure professionalism. This comment will be forwarded to the manager in charge.

  • I have arrived at opening time to find that the library does not open until 15-30 minutes after scheduled time- this has happened at least twice. (Graduate, Biomedical, Female, 23-30)

Patrons should record the day the library opened late and send an email to the Director. This behavior needs to be corrected as it is unacceptable to us.

  • The friendliness of those working behind the desk is very inconsistent. I often have to wait for while before someone asks if they can help me, and I'm often treated as though helping me is a really big burden for the person whose job it is to help me. (Graduate, Biomedical, Female, 23-30)
  • When users are frustrated by annoying situations, the staff should be friendly and helpful instead of rude and belittling. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 31-45)

Good customer service is one of our highest priorities and we take our training seriously. Your comments make us realize we may need a refresher among our staff.


  • My one complaint is with recalled materials. I have used recall 3 or 4 times and never received the item I recalled. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 46-65)

The recall request is put into a queue and it is possible there might be a delay due to several people waiting for the same resource. However, the recall policy is established with the user through Vanderbilt email so that once the item arrives at the library and is discharged, the system automatically sends an email only to the Vanderbilt email address since this service cannot be extended to non-Vanderbilt users.

  • University ID should automatically be linked with library system. (Staff, Biomedical, Male, 31-45)

The Vanderbilt card office recognizes the need to do what you suggest and all new cards are now linked. The next step is to make new IDs for graduate students, then all students and staff members.

  • The only thing the library could do better is explain the research system online, tricks like truncation, etc. to first year students early on, maybe have a workshop during orientation instead of waiting until their first year writing seminar because some students don't have their seminar until spring semester. (Undergraduate, Biomedical, Female, 18-22)

Training decisions are carefully made by each school, however classes are offered and may be taken upon request at any time on a group or individual basis.


  • It would be helpful to me if there was a system or option that I was aware of for acquiring resources and journal articles of which the library doesn't have a hard copy and also has no electronic subscription. Often their are single time fees or shortened subscriptions that it would be helpful in getting at least some assistance from the library in purchasing or acquiring. I admit that this is a very rare situation, but does sometimes happen (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 23-30)

We will change the name on the link from Document Delivery to Document Delivery & Interlibrary Loan Service to help users who know the service as Interlibrary Loan recognize it.

In addition, we plan to add a prominent "Can’t Find It?" button that goes to a page with an explanation of and links to additional resources for finding and locating material, e.g. a review of places to search, what’s in storage, getting material via document delivery, etc.

  • …the last time I did an on-line interlibrary loan request I received no response or requested materials. Is there a problem with this system? (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 46-65)

As there are occasional system problems, we will begin sending an email confirmation for each document delivery/interlibrary request and will add wording to the request page about who to contact if an email confirmation isn’t received.

If feasible, we will change the current subject line on the email with the requested material from "Scanned document from Eskind Biomedical Library," to one more easily recognized by users, e.g. "The material you requested from the Eskind Library."

We are also investigating adding wording on the request site to make it clearer how users can check on the status of their request.

  • It is expensive to have articles printed -- it would be great to have a resource to hire an individual to copy articles that were not part of the library staff e.g. work study student. $5 per article is really expensive. When preparing for a grant or paper - and trying to obtain all the articles needed that are available on line (e.g. older article) - it would take a lot of time to go to the library and copy all the articles - but charging $2 per article seems more reasonable. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 31-45)

The time it takes to copy or scan an article is only a portion of the cost of providing this service. Even when copying is done by students, we still need library staff with the skills required to receive and transmit requests, train the students, do problem-solving, and insure quality control. Additional costs include the purchase or lease of high-level equipment and supplies. Even at $5/article, the service does not cover its costs and is being subsidized by the library. Users always have the option of doing it themselves, either directly or indirectly, if they feel they can do it for less.

  • The one problem that I have encountered several times is being unable to find a journal reference that is actually available. I will order the paper through Eskind Document Delivery only to be charged because it was available somewhere on campus. I have learned to search the Eskind site, then search Acorn, then search the Jean and Alexander Heard site, and I still don't find some items that Vanderbilt has access to. A "central" search/access site would be immensely helpful. It would also be helpful if the Document Delivery Service would notify you if the resource was available prior to charging for a service that you could do yourself. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 23-30)

We plan to change our web request form to give users the option of being notified if there will be a charge for the request because it is available in the library system.

As part of the digital library redesign currently in progress, we are investigating the possibility of adding a federated search engine interface that works with the majority of biomedical titles which will allow users to search across multiple databases simultaneously. For more details on the redesign, contact Bo Link (6-1383 or

Positive Comments

Thank you for responding to the recent library satisfaction survey. We appreciate your positive comments and requests for improvement. Below are the positive comments received by the library.

Thanks again for your input. You can always submit comments and suggestions to the library by contacting

  • Eskind is relatively new, well maintained, easily accessible…one area where Eskind shines is the staff, which is excellent. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 46-65)
  • The services provided are great. The electronic resources are particularly helpful and have made a great difference to my professional life. Keep up the good work. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 46-65)
  • …staff helpfulness, and knowledge of the library resource…I have always been treated with respect and eagerness to help. (Staff, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 46-65)
  • The library staff are excellent in getting back to me and my students when we have research/reference questions or general questions. It is a great service. (Faculty, Nurse, Female, 46-65)
  • Eskind is a great study environment. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 23-30)
  • I have been very impressed and nothing but satisfied with the library services Vanderbilt offers. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 23-30)
  • I have always found the staff courteous and eager to help, and greatly appreciate their attitude and assistance. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 23-30)
  • I think it is great that you continuously try to improve and expand on your services. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 23-30)
  • I really like the atmosphere of the Eskind Library. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 23-30)
  • I have never had a bad experience at EBL, everyone is always helpful. (Faculty, Nursing, Male, 46-65)
  • Most important aspect of library services is electronic access to journals. I perform all functions over the web, but the fact that our university provides access is critically important to my fields in science. We would be helpless without this access. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 46-65)
  • I love it that I can use the online journals/monographs and books to track down almost any information that I need for teaching, reviewing for editorial boards and granting agencies, or my own research and writing! Even most of the old literature that is occasionally needed is available through JSTOR. Collectively the linked library system is an invaluable resource! (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 46-65)
  • I think the library is excellent, and I really appreciate and frequently use (sometimes daily) electronic access to journals and medical texts from home. I don't know what I would do without that access. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 46-65)
  • I mainly use Pubmed for searches and print out PDFs of articles that I need from my computer. The library is very good regarding getting the major journals. I am also happy that we have access to the Current Protocols series, etc. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 31-45)
  • I mainly use the online resources - it has been my lifeline for research and classes. Thanks for making so many things available via computer. (Staff, Nursing, Female, 31-45)
  • Having excellent electronic resources is vital to my job as a clinical researcher, so easy access to electronic journals is most important to me. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 31-45)
  • The library provides good electronic resources: search engines, access to journals, etc. (Faculty, Nursing, Female, 46-65)
  • I am very pleased with the electronic access to periodicals available through Vanderbilt. It is a great help to my research. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 23-30)
  • Having all the electronic journals available from home with the VUnet ID is the best aspect of the Biomedical Library and makes doing research 100% easier. It is so helpful to not have to be on campus to access them. I also like the 30 free pages per day of printing that is available. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 23-30)
  • I have had great luck with both Eskind and Heard online resources. This has made my distance educational experience much easier. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 46-65)
  • Access to a large array of online journals is the most important service of the library for my work (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 46-65)
  • The most important service is online availability of articles and books with good databases and links. This is key. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, Over 65)
  • I find the library staff incredibly helpful. I also find that the electronic availability of papers is excellent. Moreover, when something is not available in the electronic collection, the Document Delivery Service has been superb in locating and providing me with the manuscripts I need. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, Over 65)
  • I am very grateful for the full-text resources provided by the library, and the wonderful quick service whenever I need an article ordered in PDF. Eskind is a VERY VALUABLE resource to me. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 31-45).
  • I can't say enough good things about the Eskind Library & the staff there, especially the Document Delivery Service. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 31-45).
  • I appreciate the speed with which I get access to items through ILL, from the archives, etc. I like being able to pick up books at the medical library. (Faculty, Social Sciences/Psychology, Female, 46-65)
  • I find the document request service has been excellent through Eskind for several journal articles I have requested. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 31-45)
  • Vanderbilt's digital library services are excellent. I have several options of proxy or VPN - in combination with the extensive subscriptions, those allow me to access almost any research article I need from anywhere in the world. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 31-45)
  • I have been doing research in a broad range of scientific and non-scientific topics, taking me to 6 different libraries in the past year. I have been very satisfied with the size and availability of the print and electronic resources available. Any continued efforts to broaden the electronic periodical resources would greatly be appreciated, although overall I am satisfied with the current offerings. The library websites (I most often use Acorn and the Eskind Biomedical Digital Library) are strong, and I would encourage continued efforts to improve usability. The "Find@VU" feature (especially within Google Scholar, but also from within WorldCat and many others) and the ability to connect to Acorn from EndNote are both extraordinarily helpful features, and I would encourage the library to continue to explore integration with such widely-used resources and protocols. Thank you for your hard work. (Faculty, Divinity/Religion, Male, 31-45)
  • I am an online student and do not use the physical library on campus. My experiences with Vanderbilt libraries have all been online. The online libraries have been a great resource in facilitating my research and learning. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 23-30)
  • Having all the electronic journals available from home with the VUnet ID is the best aspect of the Biomedical Library and makes doing research 100% easier. It is so helpful to not have to be on campus to access them. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 23-30)
  • Overall, I'm happy with Eskind's location, atmosphere, and online resources. I'm impressed with the e-resources that are available. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 31-45)
  • Excellent Medical Library! (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences , Male, 46-65)
  • Thank you. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 46-65)
  • Good libraries are essential for academic life. (Faculty, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 46-65)
  • Overall, quite pleased with my library experiences thus far. (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 18-22)
  • This library system is absolutely fabulous and I am grateful every day to have easy access to such a rich and diverse system. Thank you. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 46-65)
  • The staff is very friendly and willing to help in any way possible. (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 18-22)
  • An outstanding library system. (Staff, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Female, 46-65)
  • I am a distance student, and the resources are better than my organization offers. Eskind has been a TREMENDOUS resource for school & work. Thank you! (Graduate, Nursing, Female, 31-45)
  • I use the Eskind Digital Library almost every day. Really great resource. Thanks! (Graduate, Biomedical/Health Sciences, Male, 23-30)