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Services - Online Tutorials and Guides

The following online tutorials, handouts and guides are available to help with use of common resources and databases. In-person instruction is also available to individuals, small groups, and classes for the following resources and software (alone or in combination). See our list of available trainings for more information, or request training through our online form.

Vanderbilt Resources/Catalogs

Literature/Citation Databases



Citation Management

See our Citation Management page for tutorials and resources and information about obtaining citation management software.

Cited References and Impact Factors

Clinical Trials

Drug Resources


Introductions to Genetics Databases

Human Genome Resources

Genetic Variation

Genetics/Biochemistry (continued)

Clinical Genetics and Pharmacogenetics


Other Gene-Focused Resources

For tutorials on other genetics, protein and biochemical resources, please see the OpenHelix website.

Grants and Funding

NIH Public Access Compliance

NIH & Federal Grant Sources and Data

Other Handouts

Contact for searching tutorials maintenance: Heather Laferriere