Riding the wave: Pat Duchac, R.N.

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Riding the wave: Pat Duchac, R.N.

July 10, 2009

Pat Duchac's investment portfolio took a 30 percent tumble late last year. Her husband is delaying his own retirement until she retires. (photo by Susan Urmy)

Except for a two-year break in the early 1970s, Pat Duchac, R.N., 64, has worked at Vanderbilt since 1964. The assistant manager of the Neuro Care Unit at Vanderbilt Hospital is watching her investments very closely. Her portfolio, a mix of fixed income investments and mutual funds, took a 30 percent drop late last year. Her husband, 67, is delaying his own retirement until she retires.

“We're going to watch and see what the stock market does awhile longer. Our plan has been to retire in 2009. We're both ready to relax, do yard and house projects, and travel.”

The Duchacs have nine grandchildren, ages 1 to 15. “I want to go to every ball game and every swim meet. I don't want them to be grown when I retire. I want to love them, spend more time with them and 'spoil' them, watch them grow and be more a part of that growth.”

Duchac's advice to younger workers regarding saving for retirement: “Just do it. Don't put it all in one place. Spread it around. And watch your spending.”

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