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Approving a Grant-Related Request

This tutorial guides the reader through electronically approving a grants-related request in PEER. This process takes the place of an array of paper-based signature or email reply approvals that central office has used in the past for requests such as Pre-Award Spending and Foreign Travel.

Email requesting approval

As the listed Principal Investigator for a submitted request, you will receive an email rom PEER asking that you log in and approve the request. The email will tell you what kind of request was submitted, and will also include a link that will take you directly to the request once you have logged in to PEER (skipping the main menu).

From the Main Menu

If you do not have an email from PEER, you may still make any outstanding approvals by logging directly into PEER. On the home Menu, you'll note under "Faculty" a link titled "Grants-Related Requests" under the heading "Approvals requiring my action." The number in the red badge indicates outstanding requests that cannot move forward until you approve. From this screen you would simply click on this link to move into the approval screen.

The pending approvals view

Whether you arrive via the link in the email, or by the home menu, you're going to come to a page that looks like the above. All outstanding grants-related requests will be listed, along with some basic information about each. If you followed the link in your email, the item referenced in the email will be highlighted in yellow as seen here. To view details about this request, click on the magnifying glass icon

View Details

This is the detail view for the request in question. Once you have finished reviewing the details, click the "close" link at the top right or hit the Esc key.

Click the approve button

Once you are ready to approve, click the "approve" button for the item you want to approve. A confirmation box will pop up, just in case you clicked the wrong thing. To proceed, click "OK."

Approval Complete

You should see PEER update the status to a green "Approved." You may complete every request in this manner. The next time you come back to this screen, all the approved requests will be hidden. You are only ever shown incomplete approvals.

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