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Submitting a Contract: Part 7

If you have not already clicked "Continue" on Step 7, please do so now. You should now be on Step 8 of the submission form. Step 8 is where we communicate the status of your submission. In the large yellow comment box, please note some instructions about the submission process.

Begin Validation

First we will check your submission for errors and give you a chance to go back and correct any we find. Then, you'll actually submit to GCM. Emails are fired off to the PI and Chair, prompting them to log into PEER and approve the submission (this takes the place of the signatures you would have secured on the old paper transmittal form). Only once all the required approvals have been received will your submission be sent through to GCM.

Validation failure errors

Let's start the process now. Go ahead and click on the "Validate" button in the middle of the screen. An activity indicator will spin for a couple of seconds, and then you will be presented with the output of the validation process. First we'll deal with what happens when we get back errors from the system, and later we'll see how an error-free validation result looks.

As you can see in the below image, several errors were found with our submission. Usually these are going to be where you forgot to complete a required question/input field. It may also be due to improperly formatted dates, phone numbers or email addresses.

Errors revealed with highlighting

PEER will not let you submit to GCM until all errors have been fixed. The error message tells you which step each error is on. Use the step navigation on the left to return to each listed step and correct the errors present. In the above example, all our errors are on Step 1. Let's navigate to Step 1 now and see what that looks like. You'll notice in the image below that PEER highlights each error and prompts you to make a correction. To simplify the tutorial, Fig 7.3 shows only one highlighted error. In a real submission, all the errors listed above for Step 1 would be highlighted in the same way.

As you can see, we forgot to make a choice on the question about research. Just complete the field and then click Save & Continue in order to save your changes.

Validation Passed

Notice that validation runs at the top of each page. Since we corrected our only error, once we get to Step 2 after saving, we're going to get back a successful validation. Notice the link in the Green Validation Message. Since there are no other errrors to address, you can click the link to proceed directly back to Step 8 and finish the submission process.

Submit to GCM

Back on Step 8, we now see a new validation message and a new "Submit" button. Click the Submit button now. You'll see the activity indicator again for a second, followed by an updated status bar at the top of the page and a new message in place of the green validation message.

Status: Pending Approvals

Notice Status now says "Pending Approvals". The submission remains in a "limbo" state until the listed PI and Chair log in and approve the submission. If VA or DOM approvals are required, the appropriate approvers are notified only after the PI and Chair have approved. Finally, if you have indicated on Step 6 that you are sending documents over in the courier, GCM must receive and mark those as received in PEER. Only after these approvals have been receved will the submission change to "Submitted" status. GCM will not review your submission until it has acheived "Submitted" status.

Also notice the "Withdraw" button that is now visible. After hitting the "Submit" button, the submission form is locked and cannot be edited by the submitter. If you need to make changes to your submission, click on the "Withdraw" button. This returns the submission to draft status and clears out any approvals you've already received.

Status updated on My Contract Submissions view

OK, that's just about all for the submission demo. The next steps are for your PI and Chair to log in and give their approval. You will receive email notification after each of these events (or a single email if PI and Chair is the same person). Let's return to the Contracts View to monitor the status of our submission. From the main menu bar, hover over "View" and then click "My Contract Submissions." In Fig 7.8 below the submission we just completed is highlighted. Note its current status.


This concludes the contract submission tutorial.

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