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Submitting a Contract Proposal Log to collect COIs and PI Assurance(s)

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of creating a Contract Proposal Log, which accompanies any Central University contract entered as a Coeus Proposal. This process applies ONLY to contracts for the University-side and ONLY applies to contracts entered into Coeus as proposals.

Before logging into PEER, you should have already created your Coeus Proposal and should have written down the Coeus Proposal Development Number.

After logging in, the Main Menu

After logging in, find "Contracts (Central University) on the Main Menu. Click on this link to reveal a menu of actions to choose from.

Select "Create a Contract Proposal Log"

From the menu that just appeared, click on "Create a Contract Proposal Log".

Find your Proposal Development Number, You're going to need it here.

To import proposal information from Coeus, type in the Proposal Development number in the space indicated in the above picture. Be sure to include all the leading Zeros (e.g. "00005498"). You will not be able to submit this form without a proposal development number.

Key in the number and click the "Import from Coeus" button.

Reviewing the rest of your form results.

Review all the information that was imported into the form.

1. Check the box if you want email confirmation after you submit the form.
2. This title should match exactly what is in the Coeus proposal
3. The PI name
4. The responsible "Lead" department
5. A departmental contact person for the contract/project. Primary is required, the secondary contact is optional
6. The sponsor or other contract party. This should be the name of the entity Vanderbilt will be entering into the contract with.
7. See the next step for detail about the KSP table.

Review the imported KSP list

If the Coeus Proposal lists Key Study Personnel (KSPs) other than the PI, PEER will import the list. PEER will create a pending COI request for each KSP. The PI will have a COI as well as a PI Assurance. Any KSP listed in the Coeus proposal as a Multiple/Co-PI will be imported with the check box selected as in the above example. Any checked names will also get a PI Assurance. At this time you have the opportunity to remove names from this list if necessary.

Click the "Submit Button" and you'll be sent to this confirmation page

Now we're ready to view the Proposal Log we just created and send reminder emails to the PI and KSPs about their COIs and PI Assurances. From the confirmation page, click on "Proceed to View this Log's Details"

A look at the General Information Tab

Take note of the following features:
1. This is your PEER #. It is a unique identifier for this log.
2. If the project title changes in Coeus, return to this log and click the update button. This will update the PEER title. Don't forget to click save too!
3. Status: There are only two statuses: Pending (if any COIs and PI Assurances are outstanding), and Complete (set automatically once the last COI or PI Assurance is completed)
4. Lock. Once status is changed to Complete, you will no longer be able to edit the details of this log. When locked, only central office can make changes or unlock.
5. If you need to print this log, click the Print Friendly button. It will format all tabs onto one page.
6. If this log needs to be deleted, click "flag for deletion". You will be requried to enter a reason for the deletion. This is a "soft delete" and items can be brought back from deletion for a 30 day period before final, permanent deletion is done.

Click on the COIs link circled in red above to go to the COI management tab.

This screen is where you will send your COI reminder emails. The PI Assurance tab works EXACTLY the same way, so this instruction applies for both tabs.

1. The Send Reminder Button opens a draft reminder email to that specific KSP.
2. The Reminder Sent count keeps up with how many emails you've sent that person through PEER.
3 By clicking the select boxes to the left of the names, and then clicking the "send Reminders" button, you can send to multiple persons at the same time. This is the best way to quickly send the initial reminders to the whole list.

On the Next Screen you'll see what the reminder emails look like:

Other actions from this tab:
Delete: You may delete a COI/PI Assurance record as long as it has not been completed by the KSP yet. After completion, central office can blank out the record (makes it unsubmitted again) or delete it for you.
There is also a button to add a new person to the table if the KSP list has changed in any way.

The Reminder Email

You can see in this example that by selecting both names and clicking the "send Reminders" button, we were able to pull up an email addressed to both users. There is no need to edit the text of the email, which already provides instructions on how to complete the COI for each user. Simply click the Send button.

The email that the KSP receives

This is what the email actually looks like. Note the link at the very bottom. This link takes them DIRECTLY to the COI completion screen (after login of course), bypassing the main menu, etc. etc.

Refer to the help document on completing a COI under the "Faculty" subject area to see what your KSPs will see when completing an assurance or COI.

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