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Vanderbilt University Human Resources has announced a new centralized service to handle employment eligibility verification (commonly called “I-9 form” and “E-Verify”).  This centralized service, launched this month, simplifies the employment eligibility verification processes and removes I-9 responsibility from the departments. In addition, this new service ensures collection of the documentation necessary for Vanderbilt to maintain compliance as a federal contractor.
With the new centralized service, the I-9 and E-Verify process is completed in a few steps.  Hiring managers provide the new employee with the Web address that will furnish the new employee with the I-9 process information.  
The new employee provides personal information through a secure, online Web site prior to the first day of work.  If the newly hired employee does not have access to the internet before arriving for the first day of work, this step can be completed on the first day of employment at one of the I-9 sites.  Once at work, the new employee takes eligibility documents—a list is provided at the online Web site—to one of the I-9 sites.  
The eight I-9 sites are situated throughout campus.  The newly hired employee takes his or her eligibility documents to one of these I-9 sites no later than the third day of employment.
The site locations are:
• HR Processing, Baker Bldg
• HR Express, 2525 West End
• Village at Vanderbilt Recruiting, 1514 Village at Vanderbilt, 21st Avenue
• HR at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, Suite 2525 VCH
• Student Financial Aid
• Office of International Services
• International Student and Scholar Services
• One Hundred Oaks
Employment eligibility checking now centralized
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