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In an effort to keep up with the well-received refurbishment of the Courtyard Café, the hot dog stand outside The Vanderbilt Clinic has returned with a new, upscale look.
“The carpeting and paneling are nice touches, but what really made it for me was the original Picasso hanging at the side,” said longtime customer Isabelle Ringing of Finance. “That incredible masterpiece really added a touch of class to the whole plaza area, even after that guy accidentally got some relish on it.”
Stand manager Curt Manners says the remodeling is an example of giving customers good value.
“People have told us they want a more upscale dining experience, with better atmosphere,” he says.
“Next year, we plan to have a co-op deal with Tiffany’s to sell jewelry along with our quality meats, sides and condiments.”
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