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Humorless jackass Frederick C. Shuttlecock, M.D., says that this issue of House Organ isn’t funny and is in poor taste.
“In these tough economic times, is this the best use for our scarce Medical Center funds?” the grizzled longtime faculty member asked in his characteristic nasal bray, waving the April Fool’s issue of the magazine around. “Can’t we do better than cheap satire, buffoonish sight gags and other dubious content of similar ilk?”
But House Organ editor Wayne Wood noted that the publication is, by common cost-accounting measurements, quite cost efficient: “House Organ is quite a bargain, since its entire year’s budget is only 11 cents,” Wood said. “And that’s not per copy, that’s the total budget.
“I think in these times, it is really important to have the ability to laugh at ourselves and allow humor to help us through stressful times.
“I realize that others may have a different opinion, but the important thing for those people to realize is that their different opinion is stupid and wrong.”
Humorless jackass hates this issue
House Organ