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An unexpected e-mail from a Nigerian businessman has helped VMC’s Division of Surgical Pedagogy solve a knotty budget problem, said May Talltoots, the area’s financial officer.
 “We were asked to cut back our budget for next year, as all areas at the Medical Center have been, and we were really having a tough time making it all work out,” she said.
“And then, I just couldn’t believe it. I opened up my e-mail and there was a letter from this nice man in Nigeria. It turns out that he needs some help getting a substantial sum of money out of his country, and if we help him out, we stand to reap a large budgetary windfall.”
When the money from overseas comes through, which Talltoots expects within a matter of days, “Our budgetary problems will be over for the whole fiscal year,” she says.
“I think other areas of the University should look into this. After all, what could go wrong?”

Departmental budget woes solved by Nigerian businessman
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