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Medical Center Parking and Transportation Services has launched a  shuttle service between Medical Center North and Eskind Biomedical Library, providing a welcome respite for those who otherwise would be forced to walk the 30 feet between the two buildings.
“This is so much easier,” said Wanda Fonda, who was waiting on the bench outside Medical Center North for the once-every-half-hour shuttle, dubbed the Magenta Route, on a recent Thursday morning. “The shuttle will be along in a few minutes and I can get off of it and just walk straight in the door over there.”
The Magenta Route picks up outside MCN, drives counterclockwise around the turnaround, and drops passengers off at Eskind. It then picks up passengers there and ferries them directly to the entrance of Medical Center North. The driver then apparently disappears from the face of the earth for about 30 minutes.
“It’s a way to make life a little easier,” Fonda said of the 17-second ride. “Lord knows we all need that.”
Shuttle service begins from MCN to  Eskind Biomedical Library
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