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The former "lab intranet" has been migrated to Labnodes.

Labnodes is a web-based resource that allows Vanderbilt laboratories to promote their labs online, organize data collections and share both public and private information.

Vanderbilt staff, students, fellows and faculty can set up individual, professional profiles which feature research projects, CV or NIH Biosketches, publications and other research related information. Individuals are linked to Communities, like the Blakely Lab or Conte Center.

To access Blakely Lab intranet content (How To/Lab Orientation documentation, archives, etc.), set up your profile at Labnodes using your VUNet ID and password, and go the Blakely Lab Community.

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To access the private lab documentation previously located in the intranet section of the Blakely website, click on Resource Collections in the left sidebar of the Blakely Lab Community as seen above.

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Blakely Lab Resource Collections include archives like antibodies, plasmids, oligos, cell lines, worm lines and mouse lines (all of which are in process). While we work with the Labnodes team to port over the lab archives, lab members should continue to access the plasmid and oligo archives via the Google Docs spreadsheets and plasmid information on the Pharm Server.

If you need a formatted image for use in your Labnodes profile, feel free to download images from the Blakely Lab Member Images collection. These are formatted to the proper size for profile images and are taken from the pictures of lab members from the Blakely Lab site. You are welcome to use other images, however they must not be copyrighted or inappropriate for the workplace environment.

Finally, there is a collection of General Information, which contains How-To information, like requesting orders or using the lab's Google calendar, and lab orientation documentation. Clicking on the "Blakely Lab General Information" link takes you to the following page:

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Click on any link in this resource to view its webpage and attached documentation. Access to all Blakely Lab Resource Collections is private and only available to Blakely Lab members.

If you have any questions about Labnodes, please contact Denise.