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The Blakely Lab: 2012 Publications

Ruggiero AM, Wright J, Ferguson SM, Lewis M, Emerson KS, Iwamoto H, Ivy MT, Holmstrand EC, Ennis EA, Weaver CD, Blakely RD. Nonoisotopic assay for the presynaptic choline transporter reveals capacity for allosteric modulation of choline uptake. ACS Chem Neurosci, 3(10):767-81, 2012. [PMID: 23077721; PMCID: 3474274].

Chang JC, Kovtun O, Blakely RD, Rosenthal SJ. Labeling of neuronal receptors and transporters with quantum dots. WIREs Nanomed Nanobiotechnol, 4(6):605-619. doi: 10.1002/wnan.1186, 2012. [PMID: 22887823; PMCID: 3753009].

Chang JC, Tomlinson ID, Warnement MR, Ustione A, Carneiro AMD, Piston DW, Blakely RD, Rosenthal SJ., Single Molecule Analysis of Serotonin Transporter Regulation Using Antagonist-Conjugated Quantum Dots Reveals Restricted, p38 MAPK-Dependent Mobilization Underlying Uptake Activation. J Neurosci, 32(26):8919-8929, 2012 Jun 27, [PMID: 22745492; PMCID: 3426861].

Bonnin A, Zhang L, Blakely RD, Levitt P. The SSRI Citalopram Affects Fetal Thalamic Axon Responsiveness to Netrin-1 In vitro Independently of SERT Antagonism. Neuropsychopharmacology. 37(8): 1879-84, 2012 [PMID: 22414815; PMCID: 3376320].

Sakrikar D, Mazei-Robison MS, Mergy MA, Richtand NW, Han Q, Hamilton PJ, Bowton E, Galli A, Veenstra-Vanderweele J, Gill M, Blakely RD. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder-derived coding variation in the dopamine transporter disrupts microdomain targeting and trafficking regulation. J. Neurosci. 32(16):5385-5397, 2012. [PMID: 22514303; PMCID: 3342037].

Veenstra-VanderWeele J, Muller CL, Iwamoto H, Sauer JE, Owens WA, Shah CR, Cohen J, Mannangatti P, Jessen T, Thompson BJ, Ye R, Kerr TM, Carneiro AM, Crawley JN, Sanders-Bush E, McMahon DG, Ramamoorthy S, Daws LC, Sutcliffe JS, Blakely RD. Autism gene variant causes hyperserotonemia, serotonin receptor hypersensitivity, social impairment and repetitive behavior. PNAS. 109(14):5469-5474, 2012. [PMID: 22431635; PMCID: 3325657].

Blakely RD, Edwards RH. Vesicular and Plasma Membrane Transporters for Neurotransmitters. Cold Spring Harb. Perspect. Biol. 2012; 4:a005595. [PMID: 22199021].

Gilbert J, Haman KL, Dietrich MS, Blakely RD, Shelton RC, Murphy BA. Depression in patients with head and neck cancer and a functional genetic polymorphism of the serotonin transporter gene. Head Neck. 34(3):359-364, 2012. [PMID: 21604315, PMCID: in process].

Veenstra-VanderWeele J, Blakely RD. Networking in autism: leveraging genetic, biomarker and model system findings in the search for new treatments. Neuropsychopharmacology. 37(1):196-212, 2012. [PMID: 21937981; PMCID: 3238072].

Hardaway JA, Hardie SL, Whitaker SM, Baas SR, Zhang B, Bermingham DP, Lichtenstein AJ, Blakely RD. Forward Genetic Analysis to Identify Determinants of Dopamine Signaling in Caenorhabditis elegans Using Swimming Induced Paralysis. G3, 2(8), August 2012, [PMID: 22908044; PMCID: 3411251].

Zurkovsky L, Bychkov E, Tsakem EL, Siedlecki C, Blakely RD, Gurevich EV. Cognitive effects of dopamine depletion in the context of diminished acetylcholine signaling capacity. Dis Model Mech, ePub ahead of print, 2012 Aug 3, [PMID: 22864020; PMCID: 3529349].