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The Blakely Lab: 2013 Publications

Moritz AE, Foster JD, Gorentla BK, Mazei-Robison MS, Yang JW, Sitte HH, Blakely RD, Vaughan RA. Phosphorylation of dopamine transporter serine 7 modulates cocaine analog binding. J Biol Chem, 2013 Jan 4;288(1):20-32, [PMID: 23161550; PMCID: PMC3537014].

Baganz NL, Blakely RD. A dialogue between the immune system and brain, spoken in the language of serotonin. ACS Chem Neurosci, 2013 Jan 16;4(1):48-63, [PMID: 23336044; PMCID: PMC3547518].

Parikh V, St. Peters M, Blakely RD, Sarter M. The presynaptic choline transporter imposes limits on sustained cortical acetylcholine release and attention. J Neurosci, February 6, 2013, 33(6):2326-2337, [PMID: 23392663; PMCID: PMC3711270].

Paolone G, Mallory CS, Cherian AK, Miller TR, Blakely RD, Sarter M. Monitoring cholinergic activity during attentional performance in mice heterozygous for the choline transporter: A model of cholinergic capacity limits. Neuropharmacology, 2013 Aug 16; 75C:274-285, [PMID: 23958450].

Campbell NG, Zhu CB, Lindler KM, Yaspan BL, Kistner-Griffin E; NIH ARRA Consortium, Hewlett WA, Tate CG, Blakely RD, Sutcliffe JS. Rare coding variants of the adenosine A3 receptor are increased in autism: on the trail of the serotonin transporter regulome. Mol Autism. 2013 Aug 16;4(1)28, [PMID: 23953133].

Kerr TM, Muller CL, Miah M, Jetter CS, Pfeiffer R, Shah C, Baganz N, Anderson GM, Crawley JN, Sutcliffe JS, Blakely RD, Veenstra-Vanderweele J. Genetic background modulates phenotypes of serotonin transporter Ala56 knock-in mice. Mol Autism. 2013 Oct 1; 4(1):35, [PMID: 24083388].

Dong Y, Dani JA, Blakely RD. Choline transporter hemizygosity results in diminished basal extracellular dopamine levels and blunts dopamine elevations following cocaine or nicotine. Biochem Pharmacol. 2013 Oct 15; 86(8):1084-8, [PMID: 23939187].

Engers DW, Bollinger SR, Ennis EA, Wright J, Wu M, Ruggiero AM, McManus OB, Lin Z, Huang X, Blakely RD, Lindsley CW, Li M, Hopkins CR. Discovery and structure-activity relationship of a novel choline transporter inhibitor. MLPCN Probe Report, 2013, Bookshelf ID: pending.