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Scientific Environment: Vanderbilt is a top-ranked research university. I am jointly appointed to the Departments of Pharmacology, Cell & Developmental Biology and Biological Sciences, all of which share a single building within the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. There are >80 dedicated neuroscience laboratories in our building or within a few minutes walk and >50 genetics laboratories, including 5 Drosophila laboratories. Our building also houses the Center for Matrix Biology, which focuses intensively on extracellular matrix biology. Excellent state-of-the-art core facilities include the Cell Imaging Shared Resource, Proteomic Facility, Genomics Microarray Facility, Neurochemistry Core facilities and the Vanderbilt Mass Spectrometry Research Center, all of which are also located in our building.

Laboratory: The Broadie Laboratory occupies 5500 sq. ft., in a state-of-the-art medical research building (Medical Research Building III; MRBIII) within the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The primary research laboratory occupies 3000 sq. ft. and contains 16 work benches/desks fully equipped for molecular genetic research. Separate rooms (1000 sq. ft.) are equipped for Drosophila genetics, behavior, physiology and microscopy (see below). Additional space (1500 sq. ft.) is used for EM preparation, tissue culture, isotope work and media prep.

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