Principal Investigator
Craig Photo
Craig W. Lindsley, Ph.D.
William K. Warren, Jr. Chair in Medicine
Professor of Pharmacology and Chemistry
Director, Medicinal Chemistry
Director, The Vanderbilt Specialized Chemistry Center
Editor, ACS Chemical Neuroscience

Collaborating Faculty
Darren Photo
Darren W. Engers, Ph.D.
Research Instructor
Corey Photo
Corey R. Hopkins, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor

CNS and Inflammatory
Nate Photo
Nathan Kett
Director of Analytical Chemistry

Mike Photo
Mike R. Wood, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor


Support Staff
Bess Photo
Bess Cahill
Accounting Analyst

Joint with Jeffrey Conn Lab
Kritsen Photo
Kristen Riggs
Administrative Officer

Joint with Jeffrey Conn Lab
No Donna Photo...
Donna Johnson
Office Assistant
Edward Photo
Edward Zhuang
Computer Technician

Joint with Jeffrey Conn Lab

Research Staff
No photo for Jeanette :(
Jeanette Bertron
Research Assistant
Sean Photo
Sean Bollinger
Research Assistant I
Sichen Photo
Sichen Chang
Research Assistant III
Julie Photo
Julie Le Engers, Ph.D.
Drug Discovery Scientist I
Andrew Photo
Andrew Felts, Ph.D.
Drug Discovery Scientist II
Ali Photo
Alison Gregro
Drug Discovery Scientist I
No Walt Photo
Walt Harris, Pharm.D.
Research Assistant
Miguel Photo
Miguel Hurtado
Research Assistant I
The most awesomest guy ever! It's really too bad you don't get to see his picture...
Matthew J. Mulder
Drug Discovery Scientist I
Hyekyung Photo
Hyekyung Plumley, Ph.D.
Drug Discovery Scientist II
Katrina Photo
Katrina Smith
Research Assistant II
No Photo
Mary West
Research Assistant I

Postdoctoral Research Fellows
Haruto Photo
Haruto Kurata, Ph.D.
Visiting Research Fellow
No Photo Yet...
Kayla Temple, Ph.D.

Graduate Students
Pedro Photo
Pedro M. Garcia, Pharm.D.
No Kelli Photo...
Kellie Nance
Shane Photo
Shane Rainey
Cody Photo
Cody J. Wenthur, Pharm.D.

Former Members
Name Past Position Current Institution
Jon Aldrich Lab Technician
Leslie Aldrich, Ph.D. Graduate Student Broad Institute (Schreiber Lab)
Aleksandra Baranczak, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Fellow Scripps Research Institute (Kelly Lab)
Brittney S. Bates, M.S. Research Assistant II VU Tech Transfer
Cynthia B. Berry, M.S. Graduate Student Janssen Pharmaceutical
Hollie Black Undergraduate Student Vanderbilt University
Julie Bolinger Undergraduate Student
Megan Breiner Research Assistant University of Tennessee Medical School
Micah Breininger Undergraduate Student
Katrina Brewer CARS Manager Vanderbilt Vaccine Center
Tom Bridges, Ph.D. Graduate Student Vanderbilt University (Daniels Lab)
JT Brogan Graduate Student Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach (Postdoc)
Kyle Brown Undergraduate Student
Josh Bruner Graduate Student
Jason Buck, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Fellow Vanderilt Imaging Center
Trevor Burbank Program Coordinator
Brian Chauder, Ph.D. Drug Discovery Scientist Vanderbilt University (Fesik Lab)
Arindam Chatterjee, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Y-Y Cheung, Ph.D. Drug Discovery Scientist Vanderilt Imaging Center
Aspen Chun Research Assistant Aegis Sciences Corporation
Nate Daniels, Ph.D. Graduate Student Vanderbilt University (Fesik Lab)
Chris Denicola Drug Discovery Scientist Restek Chromatography
Graeme Dennis Staff Scientist Dotmatics
Tom Ekman Project Consultant Volunteer State Faculty
Kyle A. Emmitte, Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor University of North Texas Health Science Center (Faculty)
Niyi Fadeyi, Ph.D. Graduate Student Havard University (Shair Lab)
Rochelle Fletcher Undergraduate Student Vanderbilt University
Patrick Gentry, Ph.D. Graduate Student Post-Doc Monash University (Christopoulos lab)
Rocco Gogliotti Drug Discovery Scientist Valnderbilt University (Fesik Lab)
Dustin Haddenham, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Fellow Boehringer Ingelheim Chemicals
Kris Hahn Graduate Student Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Changho Han, Ph.D. Drug Discovery Scientist Vanderbilt University (Fesik Lab)
Donna K. Ingram Admin/Personnal Manager VUMC (Allergy/Pulmonary/Critical Care)
Jon Jacobs Drug Discovery Scientist
Kyuok Jeon, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Fellow Vanderbilt University (Fesik Lab)
Phil Kennedy, Ph.D. Graduate Student Vanderbilt University (Fesik Lab)
Leak Konkol, Ph.D. Drug Discovery Scientist Incyte
Jeff Lamb Research Assistant
Robert R. Lavieri, Ph.D. Graduate Student Molecular Sensing
Uyen Le Research Assistant The University of Tennessee - Pharmacy
Evan Lebois Graduate Student Emory University
David Lee Undergraduate Student Vanderbilt University
Jana A. Lewis, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Fellow Living Proof
Stacey B. Lindsley Staff Scientist Belmont University
Kimberly Lovell Postdoctoral Research Fellow The Scripps Research Institute
Lauren Magnifico Program Assistant VICTR (the eMERGE Network)
Chrysa Malosh Drug Discovery Scientist  
Jason Manka Drug Discovery Scientist
Thomas P. Mathews, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Margie Mattman Postdoctoral Research Fellow Sandford-Burnham (Cosford Lab)
Merissa Mayo Program Assistant Vanderbilt Vaccine Center
Bruce Melancon, Ph.D. Research Instructor University of Notre Dame (Chemical Synthesis/Drug Discovery)
Kellie Nance Research Assistant Graduate Student (Vanderbilt University)
Tomi Oluwatola Undergraduate Student Howard University
Matt C. O'Reilly, Ph.D. Graduate Student
Joseph D. Panarese, Ph.D. Drug Discovery Scientist Harvard University (Shair lab)
Sharang Phatak Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dotmatics
Mike Poslusney Drug Discovery Scientist Johns Hopkins Brain Institute
Sam Saleh Drug Discovery Scientist Vanderilt Imaging Center
Jim M. Salovich Drug Discovery Scientist Vanderbilt University (Fesik Lab)
Mike Schulte Graduate Student Vanderilt Imaging Center
Tim Senter Graduate Student Postdoc at MIT (Buchwald lab)
Sameer Sharma Graduate Student Vanderbilt University
Shaun R. Stauffer, Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor
Sydney Stoops Graduate Student The Scripps Research Institute
Chris Tarr, Ph.D. Drug Discovery Scientist Vanderbilt University (Fesik Lab)
Steven Townsend Postdoctoral Research Fellow Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (Danishefsky Lab)
Mark Turlington, Ph.D Postdoctoral Research Fellow Berry College
Karl Voigtritter, Ph.D Postdoctoral Research Fellow Cal State Chico
Tyler Wadzinski Undergraduate Student University of Tennesse, Knoxville
Emily Wang Undergraduate Student Stanford University
Eva Weiss Undergraduate Student Jacobs University, Germany
Wandong (Jeremy) Wen Research Intern
Rich Williams, Ph.D. Staff Scientist Queens University, Ireland
Sandra Zhou, Ph.D. Drug Discovery Scientist

Lab Members