Bruce J. Melancon, Ph.D.

Research Instructor

    B.S.    Louisiana State Univeristy, 2002


    Ph.D.  University of Notre Dame, 2008

              Organic Chemistry

    NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Vanderbilt University, 2010

Phone: (615) 343-4154
Fax: (615) 322-8577
Email: bruce.j.melancon@vanderbilt.edu
Location: 12475 MRB IV (Langford)

Biosketch and Research Interests

Bruce Melancon received his bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Louisiana State University. Under the direction of Professor Robert M. Strongin, he worked on the synthesis of resorcinarene chromophores for the sensing of mono- and oligosaccharides in solution. Upon graduation, he moved to the University of Notre Dame and began his graduate research. Under the direction of Professor Richard E. Taylor, he developed novel cationic cyclopropanation reactions with high enantiospecificity from enantiomerically enriched sulfonate intermediates. He also investigated biomimetic approaches to cyclopropanes found in polyketide natural products. After successful completion of his Ph.D., he moved to Vanderbilt University to begin postdoctoral studies under Professor Gary A. Sulikowski. He was awarded an NIH fellowship through the Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology to develop novel small molecule inhibitors of the Wnt signaling pathway as it relates to colorectal cancer. Additionally, he synthesized new apoptolidin-rhodamine conjugates to elucidate the biological target of apoptolidin A.

Bruce then moved to the Vanderbilt Program in Drug Discovery where he began work on small molecule antagonists which are selective for the M1 muscarinic receptor. He is also working on the development of small molecule agonists of the M1 receptor.  His research interests include medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, methodology development and chemical biology.

Selected Publications

Daniels, R. Nathan; Melancon, Bruce J.; Wang, Emily A.; Crews, Brenda C.; Marnett, Lawrence J.; Sulikowski, Gary A. and Lindsley, Craig W. ‘Progress toward the Total Synthesis of Lucentamycin A: Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 8-epi­-Lucentamycin A’ J. Org. Chem. (2009), Vol. 74(22), 8852. DOI: 10.1021/jo902115s

Melancon, Bruce J.; Perl, Nicholas R. and Taylor, Richard E. ‘Competitive Cationic Mechanisms and the Asymmetric Synthesis of Aryl Cyclopropanes,’ Org. Lett. (2007), Vol. 9(8), 1425. DOI: 10.1021/ol063026p

He, Ming; Johnson, Rolanda J.; Escobedo, Jorge O.; Beck, Patricia A.; Kim, Kyu K.; St. Luce, Nadia N.; Davis, Claude J.; Lewis, Patrick T.; Fronczek, Frank R.; Melancon, Bruce J.; Mrse, Anthony A.; Treleaven, W. Dale and Strongin, Robert M. ‘Chromophore Formation in Resorcinarene Solutions and the Visual Detection of Mono- and Oligosaccharides’ J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2002), Vol. 124(18), 5000. DOI: 10.1021/ja017713h

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