Matthew J. Mulder (Matt)

Drug Discovery Scientist I

    B.S.    Calvin College, 1999

              Environmental Sciences, Chemistry Emphasis

Phone: (615) 322-7415
Fax: (615) 778-1414
Email: matthew.mulder@vanderbilt.edu
Location: Cool Springs Life Science Center

Biosketch and Research Interests

Matt Mulder is a Drug Discovery Scientist who joined the Lindsley Laboratory in December of 2006. His specialty is analytical chemistry. Matt is responsible for the knowledge and maintenance of the analytical instrumentation in the lab (including, but not necessarily limited to: mass directed preparative LCMS, analytical LCMS, chiral LCMS, QTof, ULPC, microwave synthesizers, as well as other various lab instrumentation). As of late, Matt has also been responsible for maintaining the labs website, and everything SharePoint.

Besides working in the Lindsley lab, Matt has also spent time in both the DMPK (Drug Metabolism Pharmacokinetics) and Behaviorial Pharmacology labs, helping them set-up/optimize/bring in house various methods and instrumentation.

Matt obtained his degree in Environmental Sciences/Environmental Chemistry at Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan. Since graduating, he has spent time working in environmental labs, and pharmaceutical manufacturing quality control labs.

Selected Publications

Smith, B.J.; Qu, T.; Mulder, M.J.; Noetzel, M.J., Lindsley, C.W.; Sulikowski, G. ‘Synthesis and bioactivity of (±)-tetrahydrohaliclonacyclamine A’ Tetrahedron (2010); 66(26): 4805-4810.

Weaver, C.D.; Sheffler, D.J.; Lewis, L.M.; Bridges. T.M.; Williams, R.; Nalywajko, N.T.; Kennedy, J.P.; Mulder, M.J.; Jadhav, S.; Aldrich, L.A.; Jones, C.K.; Marlo, J.E.; Niswender, C.M.; Mock, M.M.; Zheng, F.; Conn, P.J.; Lindsley, C.W. ‘Discovery and development of a potent and highly selective small molecule muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtype I (mAChR1 or M1) antagonist in vitro and in vivo probe’ Curr. Topics in Med. Chem. (2009); 9(13): 1217-1226.

Lewis, L.M.; Sheffler, D.; Williams, R.; Bridges, T.M.; Kennedy, J.P.; Brogan, J.T.; Mulder, M.J.; Williams, L.; Nalywajko, N.T.; Niswender, C.; Weaver, C.D.; Conn, P.J.; Lindsley, C.W. ‘Synthesis and SAR of selective muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtype 1 (M1 mAChR) antagonists’ Bioorg Med Chem Lett (2008); 18(3): 885-890.

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Curriculum Vita

Mailing Address:
Cool Springs Life Science Center
Vanderbilt University Medical Center/VCNDD
393 Nichol Mill Lane
Room: 1001
Franklin, TN 37067