The 2014 Vanderbilt Mouse Kidney Injury Workshop

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About the Course

This is a hands-on, practical training course designed to teach surgical and phenotyping techniques for commonly used mouse renal injury models, including ischemia/reperfusion (IR), UUO, 5/6 nephrectomy and the cecal ligation and puncture model of AKI.

A panel of experts has been assembled to teach basic animal handling, drug administration, tissue and blood sampling techniques (Day 1), tissue harvesting and analyses (Day 2) and mouse surgery technique (Day 3-5) with lectures, training videos, practical demonstrations and hands-on practical training techniques.

By completion participants will be sufficiently familiar with practical procedures to be able to set up the models in their own labs. There is no other practical workshop like this anywhere!

Reasons you should attend:

  • You plan to set up models of kidney injury in mice but have no practical expertise locally.
  • You have new personnel joining your lab who need to be trained to study mouse kidney injury models but you do not have personnel or time to do this yourself.

Course Description

This is a five day course comprising 1-3 hours of didactic lectures and training videos followed by 6-8 hours of practical demonstrations and one on one hands on practical training each day. Lectures and practical training sessions will be conducted in a fully equipped and dedicated mouse phenotyping and training facility that is coordinated through the Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Core at Vanderbilt. A detailed course outline and itinerary is provided. Lectures and training sessions will be coordinated by Vanderbilt Nephrology Division Faculty. Technical assistance will be provided by experienced research assistants and post-doctoral fellows. Practical training videos will be available to registered trainees.

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