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Roy Zent, M.D., Ph.D.

Nephrology, Medicine

Cancer Biology
Cell and Developmental Biology

Research keywords

integrin, kidney, development, extracellular matrix

Research description

The laboratory works on the basic role of integrins in epithelial cell biology. We utilize the kidney as a model system and perform biochemical techniques as well as cell biology and whole organ culture to understand the basic mechanisms whereby integrin-ECM interactions modify epithelial cell function.

We primarily focus on the role of cell-ECM interactions and metalloproteinases in renal branching morphogenesis as well as how integrins determine the localization of transporters in epithelial cell structures. Branching morphogenesis is studied primarily in the context of renal development, specifically the development of the ureteric bud derived structures. We make use of knockout animals in which we do experiments in vivo and we isolate organs and cells from these animals to perform in vitro studies. 

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