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Ambra Pozzi, Ph.D.

Medicine, Division of Nephrology

Cancer Biology

Research keywords

integrins, glomerulosclerosis, collagen, mesangial cells, ROS, renal injury models

Research description

Our laboratory studies integrins, transmembrane receptors for extracellular matrix components. In particular, we focus on integrin α1β1, the major collagen type IV binding receptor. Based, on the observations that 1) integrin α1β1 down-regulates the synthesis of collagen at both transcriptional and translational levels; 2) this receptor down-regulates the synthesis of pro-fibrotic reactive oxygen species (ROS); and 3) integrin α1-null mice show increased glomerular collagen IV deposition and consequent glomerulosclerosis following renal injury, we hypothesize that integrin α1β1 is a key negative modulator of collagen synthesis. Our overall goal is therefore to determine the molecular mechanisms whereby integrin α1β1 negatively controls ROS production and excessive collagen synthesis, which is a hallmark of diseases characterized by irreversible fibrosis.

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