October 1, 2013

Study of reading comprehension needs children ages 10-14

Vanderbilt University researchers are seeking participants for a study entitled “Cognitive and Neural Processes in Reading Comprehension.”
The study is currently recruiting children age 10‐14, who may or may not have reading disabilities, and involves:

  • 30-minute phone screening to determine eligibility.
  •  2‐3 visits to Vanderbilt University for academic/reading tests, and an MRI scan of brain

Compensation provided for completing academic tests and MRI scan: $150 if both are completed, $75 if only academic tests are completed (no scan).

Participants also receive picture of their brain and summary of test scores.

Contact for more information:
Education and Brain Research Laboratory
Principal Investigator: Laurie E. Cutting, Ph.D.
Other researchers: Sheryl Rimrodt, M.D., and Nikki Davis, Ph.D.
Study is sponsored by the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, National Institutes of Health.