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Office of Contracts Management (OCM)

Federal Subcontracts

Federal Subcontracts

For more information about subcontracts, see the Grants: Subawards page.

Submitting a grant subcontract

To request that OCM draft or review a grant subcontract, please submit the request through PEER (and Coeus if applicable). For outgoing subcontracts off an existing and already awarded grant (Add-On), do not create a Coeus proposal. For incoming subcontracts (a grant subaward), use Coeus to submit the following required documentation:

  • letter of intent or face page
  • scope of work
  • budget
  • budget justification


Federal subcontracts: For incoming dollars, create and complete a 'subaward' grant log in PEER. For outgoing dollars on an existing and already awarded grant, create an 'Add-On' grant log in PEER. You will then be able to create a contract submission which is linked to the grant log. (instructions)

    Each PEER log must include:
  • the PI assurance
  • COIs for all VUMC Investigators and Faculty
  • consortium institution's contact information including primary contact, email address and telephone number