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Office of Contracts Management (OCM)

Graduate Medial Education (GME) Visiting Resident Agreements

Resources for Submitting the Agreement to OCM

Submitting through PEER - FAQ

My resident/fellow is only coming for 3 days do I have to fill this out? 
Yes, if you want the resident or fellow to rotate here they must have a signed agreement in place.

Why are there so many questions? 
If you really look, most of them don't pertain; it's not as time consuming as it first appears to be.

Can I put the actual resident/fellow's name down for the other institution contact? 
No, we must have someone associated with the actual school/university. We cannot negotiate contract terms with the resident/fellow.

What do I put for the project title? 
Always list the visiting resident/fellow name, the department they are rotating in, and the institution where they are coming from.

Does OCM draft the contract or does it come from the other institution? 
OCM at Vanderbilt will draft the contract.

How long will it take to get a signed contract? 
This depends on the other institution and the terms that need to be negotiated. It can take weeks. Please submit your request as soon as possible.

How do I know if OCM received my contract request and I filled everything out correctly? 
Once the contract has been approved by the persons you listed as approvers, it will be assigned to a contract analyst and an introductory email will go to whoever is listed as your PI/Responsible person and department contract. Look for this email.

The information I put into PEER has changed, who do I tell? 
Contact the Contract Analyst assigned to your contract as soon as possible, so they can be sure to put the correct information into the contract. This person will be listed in your introductory email (see above).

I have not gotten the introductory email, what do I do? 
Log into PEER and check to see if the approvers you have listed have gone in and approved the request. If this is not complete, we will not be able to assign and set up the contract.

Who do I give the application papers and additional information to for the visiting resident/fellow? 
The GME office handles this.