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Office of Contracts Management (OCM)

Vanderbilt Program in Research Administration Development (VPRAD)
Our goal with VPRAD is to provide staff members with meaningful learning experiences that help them better understand the Vanderbilt Research Enterprise and their role in it. VPRAD has two levels.

LEVEL 0 / Intro to VPRAD
The INTRO to VPRAD in-person component has been developed to address the knowledge gaps that exist for new employees in the research enterprise at Vanderbilt. The in-person component is comprised of a four-hour orientation workshop to the research enterprise and includes the organization’s framework for supporting research and research compliance as well as an overview of the lifecycle of a grant and contract.  

Since 2013 we have held 18 Level 0 INTRO to VPRAD sessions that included 244 attendees (174 from the School of Medicine, 20 from the School of Engineering, 7 from Peabody, 7 from Arts and Science, 34 from transinstitutional areas and 1 from the Law School).

Level 0/Intro to VPRAD is offered quarterly (or more if the need arrises) and there is no fee to attend this introductory workshop.

VPRAD Level 1 is conceived as a broad overview of the research enterprise at Vanderbilt for staff members who have some experience in their position but need a wider perspective of how everything fits together. Topics include support and compliance in the research enterprise as well as elements of both pre- and post-award for grants and contracts. Elements of the Level 1 program include:
  • 57 contact hours (including orientation, three modules and a capstone)
  • More than 30 subject-matter experts from across the institution
  • Experiential tours
  • Mentoring experience
  • Networking opportunities
  • Intersession activities
  • Comprehensive exam
We recently concluded our 21st cohort, or 23rd group, to enter the program (when including the two program pilots). We have so far enrolled a total of 481 participants and have graduated 404 from the program. Graduation totals do not include the 19 participants who will graduate in March 2016.  Participation in Level 1 has grown well beyond the boundaries of the Medical Center to include individuals from the College of Arts and Science, Peabody College, and the School of Engineering, as well as individuals from Human Resources, Information Technology, the Provost’s Office, and the International Office.  

There is a $125 fee to attend VPRAD Level 1.

The Level 1 program is currently on hiatus due to the VU/VUMC Transition. We plan to revise and relaunch the program upon the legal close. VPRAD Level 1 will continue to serve both VU and VUMC through a service-level agreement and both the Advisory Board, Executive Advisory Board and Steering Committee will continue to have representation from both institutions.