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Thank you for taking the time to visit the Pharmacy Vendor Representative page.  We hope this format will answer your common questions which will enable you success while calling on Vanderbilt.  Much more detail is offered in your Vendor Policy and Procedure Manual which can be  printed from the Resource link above.  Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.  We appreciate what each company provides in order for us to offer the best, most aggressive health care possible to our patients. 



The Vanderbilt Department of Pharmacy


Am I on the correct webpage? 

                The Department of Pharmacy registers all of the following representatives:

·                     Pharmaceutical

·                     Nutraceutical

·                     Home-Health Agency (only those with a licensed Pharmacy)

·                     Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) companies

All other vendors are registered through the Department of Medical Procurement (615.343.5434) /


What if I represent both devices and pharmaceuticals?  

You will have to register through Medical Procurement and Pharmacy.  The Vendor Management fee will be assessed only by Medical Procurement in this situation.


I have never called on Vanderbilt.  How do I start my registration?

Simply click on ‘Registration Access/Market Plan’ from the Vendor webpage and follow the prompts.  Your e-mail address will become your User ID and you will be able to create a confidential password.


After I submit my Electronic Market Plan (EMP), what next?

Simply come by the Pharmacy Administration Office 24 hours after submitting your EMP 9-4, M-F.  You will make you payment at that time and the office will make your ID Badge.  Directions to the Pharmacy Office are in our Vendor Policy & Procedure Manual.  You should not call on any Vanderbilt facility without first obtaining your badge.


What is the Vendor Policy & Procedure Manual? 

It is the manual you will need to print and refer to in order to know all that is expected of you once you are registered.  You cannot receive a badge without having agreed to follow all of the polices and procedures in the manual.  If you have any questions regarding the manual, you should call the Pharmacy Office at 615.322.2374 for immediate clarification.


When is it necessary for me to register as a vendor?  

All vendors must be registered annually through either the Department of Pharmacy or the Department of Medical Procurement (see above) regardless of how many times each year you call on a particular area or person.  This is necessary as the Hospital is required to manage all business that impacts its mission including that of any and all vendors.


Why do I have to pay a fee in order to be registered at Vanderbilt?

The vendor management fee came about and is assessed each year to defer the cost to the Hospital to manage vendors calling on Vanderbilt.  The fee is used to cover labor and other expenses that are necessary to maintain the Hospital’s compliance as it pertains to vendor management.




Why do I need a Vanderbilt badge? 

All faculty/staff as well as official visitors must be identified at all times while on Vanderbilt property.  This is primarily for the safety of our patients, staff and visitors.  You will not be allowed to interact with anyone at Vanderbilt without properly wearing (above the waist) your current ID badge. 


What if I want to sample my products at Vanderbilt?

At our off-site clinics, you are able to sample any product unless you or your company has been informed of a formal restriction on a promoted product. For on-site clinics, any product not currently sampled must be approved by completing  the ‘New Sample Application  and faxing (615.322.7281) or submitting it to the TVC Outpatient Pharmacy.


I hear a lot about on-site/off-site clinics as well as other Vanderbilt facilities.  How do I know when I need to be registered?

Basically, if an office/facility has our name ‘Vanderbilt’ in it, you need to be registered.  This is true of all VMG Clinics (The Vanderbilt Medical Group), all Vanderbilt Hospitals (Vanderbilt University Hospital, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, The Psychiatric Hospital at Vanderbilt, and Stallworth-Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Hospital) as well as other various practices including the Vine-Hill Clinic and the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center in Franklin.  If your target is Vanderbilt faculty/staff, you need to be registered through our department. 


Who do I contact if I want my products to be reviewed for Formulary status? 

All products used for outpatients and inpatients must be reviewed and approved by the P&T Committee.  E-mail Jim Koestner at or call to make an appointment with Dr. Koestner at 615.322.2374.


What is the P&T Committee?  I hear a lot about that at Vanderbilt.

The Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee is a multi-discipline committee represented by Physicians and Pharmacists.  The committee reviews all pharmaceutical therapies used at all Vanderbilt facilities as well as manages all activities of vendors registered through the Department of Pharmacy.

Resource links

Registration Access/Market Plan    .    New Sample Application   .   Vendor Policy & Procedure Manual
Vanderbilt Pharmaceutical Representative Privacy Statement    .
   Educational Program Application (.doc)