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NIH issues new policy on articles in PubMed Central

4/25/2008 - Effective this month, new National Institutes of Health policy mandates that peer-reviewed journal articles accepted for publication after April 7 and arising in whole or part from NIH-funded research be deposited within 12 months of publication in the freely accessible PubMed Central repository (www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/).

Failure to abide by the policy could result in delays or stopping of funding, so it is critical that Vanderbilt researchers and clinicians understand the requirements of the policy and how to comply.

For more information about the policy or to learn about training opportunities, see www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/starbrite/news/index.html?id=52 (requires VUNet login); e-mail NIH.Compliance.Training@vanderbilt.edu; or call 936-3931.

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