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At Tuesday’s Employee Preview Party for Vanderbilt Health at One Hundred Oaks, Ana Tutko and her daughter, Isabella, check out the CT scanner in the imaging suite, a room that changes color to produce a more relaxing atmosphere. (photo by Joe Howell)

Glynis Sacks, M.D., professor of clinical radiology at the Vanderbilt Center for Women's Imaging has a lot to smile about. The clinic opens on Feb. 23 offering a key portion of "one-stop-shopping" medical service for women: the highest quality ultrasounds with results in just 15 minutes. Sacks also decorated the clinic with art like the sculpture behind her. "I do it because it's fun and I believe in the value of art in health care," Sacks said.

Jake Hobby, 2-and-a-half, and his Dad, John Hobby, Jr. enjoyed chips and veggies at the red-carpet celebration. Hobby Jr. designs websites of some of the clinics. He says the clinics are a symbol of job security at Vanderbilt, and good for patients too. "They'll have fewer cancellations, fewer no shows, I think," Hobby said. "This is just easier access for people in the community."

Karen Dyer, an exercise specialist with the Dayani Center, shows Terri Urbano, Ph.D., R.N. professor of Pediatrics at the Kennedy Center, a couple of exercises during the open house. The Dayani Center has a 72,000 square foot facility at one end of the mall, slated to open in 2010. Dyer says the new center will allow for more class times. “Right now, we have only one studio and have to juggle classes, which means some people may not get to take a class they would like because it isn’t convenient for them,” she said.

Lani Kajihara-Liehr, A.P.N. at Children's Hospital continuity clinic shows her daughter, Grace, 5, the track that runs in front of the new University Pediatrics clinic. A special display from the Nashville Train Garden Club echoes the displays at Children's Hospital. Kajihara-Liehr says she might not get a chance to work at One Hundred Oaks, but she'll be getting some of her preventive care at the Breast Center and at other locations.

Jeffrey Landman, M.D., the chief manager for Vanderbilt Imaging Services says the open MRI is his pride and joy. "We were going for high tech with high touch: a warm environment to help diffuse anxiety," Landman said. About 5 percent of patients are too claustrophobic to use a "closed" MRI and another percentage have a body size too large to fit. The open MRI allows patients to see out, and parents (who accompany children) can see in. Patients also get to choose light colors and images that can be projected on the wall.

Barbara Forbes, A.P.R.N., performs a blood pressure check at the party. (photo by Anne Rayner)

Christina Sobowale and her children, from left, Moji, Dami and Tobi, mark their hometown of Legos, Nigeria, on the map at the Vanderbilt Travel Clinic display. (photo by Joe Howell)

The question of who will serve breakfast for workers and early-bird patients has been answered. Einstein's bagels is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Kazu Hishida, one of the store managers, encouraged party-goers to try different flavored spreads and bagel samples. Hishida said he thought it was a great thing that the "Vanderbilt vibe" would be coming out here. "It's one of the things I enjoy most about Vanderbilt, being around such competence, and the feeling of being part of the Vandy family," he said.

OHO Preview Party

2/20/2009 - More than 1,500 people turned out Tuesday for the Employee Preview Party at Vanderbilt Health at One Hundred Oaks.

The event featured a selection of food from neighborhood Berry Hill restaurants, door prizes, clinic tours, and wellness classes and other healthy activities.


Over the next few months a number of clinics and other Medical Center offices will locate to the refurbished facility, which is effectively creating a second VMC campus.

For more information on Vanderbilt Health at One Hundred Oaks, go here.


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