Regional Anesthesiology/Acute Pain Fellowship

Vanderbilt University Medical Center offers an Advanced Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Fellowship for anesthesiologists who desire to focus on this relatively new and rapidly growing subspecialty. The training  emphasizes the perioperative management of patients using multimodal analgesia including neuroaxial and peripheral neural blockade, as well as other innovative approaches to acute pain management.

Over a 12-month period, fellows rotate through a broad range of clinical areas including outpatient, inpatient, pediatric, and third-world regional and acute pain management, in addition to training in pertinent aspects of chronic pain management, TIVA anesthesia, and research. Graduates of the program are expected to become highly skilled in regional and acute pain management from basic to the most challenging interventions through an extensive understanding of anatomy and multimodal analgesia. The fellowship curriculum is designed to augment current resident regional anesthesia and acute pain management.

Fellows will be appointed as clinical instructors and will receive competitive compensation and CME support.


For more information contact:
Lisa M.Jaeger, MD
Program Director, Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Fellowship




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